August 7th, 2011


Help with fur?

I'm doing a head for someone, and I ordered this fur:

The problem with it is, it's too dark. (yes, I should've ordered a sample card for these furs before I ordered, bad me!)

So, I was wondering, has anyone ordered this fur:

And if so, how true to the photograph is it? I'm seeing a medium reddish-brown on my monitor, which is exactly the shade I need, but I don't want to order more fur only to find out it's the wrong color again. :\

Any thoughts? This is the reference I'm using:

Feathered/Long Haired Canine Tail

I didn't see anything regarding this so..

Anyway, I am trying to make my first fursuit, the design is a canine with a 'feathered' tail. Like a papillion, saluki, setters etc with the long wavy tresses underneath the base and bone.  My character's tail is 3-4 tones

and I just, have no idea how to go about getting that look.  I'd be fine doing just three tones, black, fuschia/hot pink, light pink but I need the light pink to be long and almost wavy. Any suggestions on what to use/how to do it?

I've considered like wigs, hair extensions things like that but they are kind of expensive and hard to find exactly what ya need.

recomend fur

I have a christmas project that is to make a large mittens to hang rather than a stockings. I need the whitest fur I can get, but with quality to make the cuff of the mittens. I'm not looking for shag, of course, but I was wondering what pile length everyone might recommend to get a nice fluffy fun look. Sorry it's not fursuit related, I thought here might be the best place to ask about fur.

Second Opinion

I have been going back and fourth with my self on this its a an owl head Im working on. Basically when I made it the beak looked fine on the foam head but then I got to feathering and furing and the beak kinda just disappeared. It was originally based off a screech owl so the beak was colored a greyish blue, but thats a little a harder to see in the white feathers now. I really don't want to have to trim the feathers any more than I already have.

So I'v be jumping between these 3 options

A. leave it
B. paint the beak black, so it stands out more
C. redo it

Im kinda at the point where I could use a second opinion or two or twenty.
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Beetle Autumn

Sculpting a resin mask (the clay form)

For the last resin mask I sculpted, I set my camera up in the corner and let it run for an hour as I worked. This is that video sped up X4.

Unfortunately I did not show any more of the process because I did not think I got anything useful from the camera :p But when I finally watched it sped up, I decided it was worth uploading anyways ^^
saer, neongryph

Silicon for pawpads and noses

So, I was wondering if anybody knows where I can get silicone for making pawpads and noses from, especially colored silicone (or better even UV silicone :D ). I live in Germany, so I would prefer websites/shops in Europe, but websites in the US are also fine as long as the ship to Germany. Oh, and any good tutorial suggestions for silicone pawpads/noses are appreciated as well xD
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effen cat eris valgen


Finally finished my first cat head <3 <3  See.....i can make other animals that arent canines lol...though...i have been XD  Anyway....this lovely creature features LED eyes, moving jaw, plastic gauge earrings, and taxiderny teeth. She'll be at RMFC =D

Enjoy <3

foam and ear advice pleez!

well before i start hacking and slicing again, i thought id get some pointers from people who know what theyre doing :D
im going to be using mostly felt to cover this, but ive also got this really cool super thin foam to cover it in first so i dont have to worry as much about small bumps and things
so could i get some pointers, advice, tips on the foam? mainly on the muzzle and cheeks, i have yet to add eyebrows, i was going to do more facial features after i put the thin green foam on. im seeing right now the muzzle looks crooked in the first pic...

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DGM Donuts

(no subject)

Edit: No, I'm not into fetish stuff o_o these were just pictured in the Halloween sale ad. They sell normal clothing items + Halloween + cosplay stuff, too.

I'm fairly sure people have posted about shoes like this sometime in the past, but not 100% sure (*allows self to be sent to the corner, if it has been*) - but I saw it in my inbox for Halloween costume sales ads/coupon junk for (I bought a plush Timcanpy and other anime cosplay stuff, there), recently, and went like, "....digi grade/hooves made easy o_o and no heel to hack off, either!". Probably just as hard to walk on, but they probably won't bend under your weight (like mine when I made my own boot paws from a heeled boot).

Anyway, just figured I'd share it, since the first thing I thought/said was, "Hooves!".

Hooves done easy.... expensive, but easy o_o roflmao (not a big fan of the whips and leather look on some of them, though... lawl)

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