August 8th, 2011


taxidermy jawset & fur

EDIT: Does anyone have a picture of a suit that used "i'm stuffed" mixed coyote or brown/gold coyote fur?

Hello guys! Can anyone recommend a jawset for a realistic domestic dog, specifically a corgi? I was thinking wolf but I am unsure.

<3 Panda
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Mendels punky muppet toffee, anyone used it?

Hi all, just wondering if anyone has used Mendels punky muppet toffee colour before and if you possible have any pictures of it in use??
I know that the punky muppet camel is the same aws fabric.coms caramel (unless I have been miss informed) and I wanted to know how much darker the toffee is because I am working on a charater design that needs 3 different shades of brown/cream. I am planning on using caramel/camel for the lighter colours and brown/chocolate for the darker colours but I need one in between.


Hard Pink Foam?

I seem to recall a very dense pink foam but I'm not sure what it's called. I've seen it used on quad suit heads and feet before...
Hopefully someone here knows what I'm talking about.

What I'm getting after is:

 Is the pink foam lighter than the green upholstery foam? How durable is it? Is its stiffness prone to gaining dents?
Where's the best place to buy it?
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Finished first suit ever!

Introducing Kiona!

for my first partial ever im really proud with how she came out ^_^ I still need to add her items and such but i decided to get a full pic anyways because i wanted to lol

What do you guys think? Is she good for a first timer?

Oh how could i forget that yes the paws/nose/claws/pawpads were all made by Monoyasha and the teeth were made by Quolity (You cant see them though in the pic)

Understanding Resin Masks/ What are some uses?

I've just been reading around on resin masks. I watched Beetlecat's video of the one she made, now my mind had started wondering the uses and what they do for you.

I've finally got the questions I wanted to ask about them so here they are :

1. What the difference of using a resin mask other than a usual method?

2. Is there a weight difference with resin masks?

3. How do you exactly "cast" a resin mask?

4. Can it be used more than once?

5. If you do "cast" them how do you cast it, remove it, etc.?

6. Could they be used for quadsuits?

7. Are they able to have moving jaws?
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LONG claws, mongolian fur?

Hello everyone!
I have two questions today.

but it's going to be a realistic Hoffman's Two-Toed Sloth fullsuit.
(full body image)

I'm thinking about making 5-6" claws for both the hands and feet, but I'm worried about them breaking-- yes, I'll be moving at snail-rate while fursuiting in it, but I still don't want to have ultra long claws that will shatter or break in half. What would be the best material to make them out of? (I'm not going to trust Sculpey with this one.)

Second-- The fur. I'll probably be using the Mongolian fur from, but that's only 3" pile. Is there anything longer and more sloth like?

Also, as another random question, what would be a good material to use for the nose?
Cute little sloth nose d'awwwwww

OH ALSO the little pawsies
From all the photos I've seen, it looks as if they don't have seperate fingers, but rather a round stub with large claws coming out of it-- would it work to just make a slip on glove thing with the same idea?

Thanks for tolerating all of my questions xD

Bat paws! And a question

Hello everyone!

I finally finished the bat paws for kwolf13, and wanted to share because I haven't done anything like this before. :)

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And for the question - does anyone know where I can get follow-me resin eyes blanks? I know of a few places but I want to compare my options. :)

<3 Panda