August 13th, 2011

Furring a bottom jaw?

Not the moving part of it.. but just the jaw itself. Do you guys add darts or anything so you can easily fur that "curve" the bottom jaw has up to the lip?

I'm having heaps of trouble with this... it would be very helpful if someone drew out a pattern or something for me. :) I want to try and avoid doing darts though, I suck at them. XD

And yes, I do a tape pattern. But of course the tape doesn't change shape when I remove it... so it's impossible to trace onto the fabric. D:

Sorry for spamming livejournal. XD
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Foam Smells?

  Hi, I'm new to this and I've never made a fur suit. Right now I'm working on making a head, just for fun. Yesterday I bought some green upholstery foam from JoAnns, as most of the methods for making a head I've seen use this material. By time I left the store I had a horrible head ache and felt a bit high, and I realized the foam I'd bought smelled strongly of chemicals. I tried leaving it outside for a day, then putting it in my dryer on a no heat setting, but it only smells slightly better. This wouldn't be a problem, except since I'm using it in a mask I don't want to be inhaling it constantly. Does anyone know how to get rid of this smell? If not, is there a different brand or type of foam that doesn't stink? Thanks, any help appreciated.

Silicone question and news!!!

Hey y'all!!! Just letting folks know I'm back and searching now for any Southeastern Michigan fursuiters! I've found 2 so far but am nosing around for a few more, curious if there's a group here that's already started? I'd love to join in if I can. :D

Also, I'm starting to work with silicone, mostly feline noses to start. I'm still gettign the hang of it but will be selling them soon. Hopefully pawpads will follow after that :) I wanted to ask though, is there a trick to coloring silicone with acrylic paint? Seems like last time I tried to mix the paint in, it didn't seem to quite work. Perhaps I didn't mix it long enough?

As for any folks looking for some feline masks for sale I've been working on some new sculpts and will possibly be selling some pre-made realistic masks in the near future. One of which will most likely be a snow leopard. ;)

New work room now and now access to a laptop once more so Livestreaming, casting and airbrushing tutorials, and commission streams will most likely be going on here hopefully by the end of the month. Still trying to set up and get things around, but I'm back working and ready to go!!!

Owl head

Just wanted to say thanks to you guys on the advice I got for this post I made earlier and now the head is done and thought I ask for some crits on it. Its only my 3rd finished head so I know its still got issues but I really like how it turned out for once.
I had my brother model it, and he ended up kidnapping it for a bit so I had to chase him around to get somewhat decent some pics.


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Edit: Thanks guys you make me feel fantastic you know that?
Alright yeah I admit the more I look at the beak it does sit to low, I can fix that and the feathers do need a bit of trimming. Now I can take harsh crit. I get enough of them I my classes.

But for the love of god stop comparing it to Bubo. Its kinda insulting to hear "oh well, you obviously where copying so and sos work". When I wasn't.

Im sorry my owl looks like, you know, an owl. Theres only so much varying shape to a head you can put on a animal before it starts to look warped and not like that animal.

If you really want to know it was originally inspired by the Adult Swim Night Owls

Now Im not going for the most realistic head on earth, I was going for cute fluffy sorta based off a screech owl, owl head. So sorry if I come off Butthurt in this rant, I just feel insulted right now.

Progress Entry!

 Hey everybody!

So, it's about this time last year that I started making fursuits semi-seriously. So I thought I would post some pics in order to inspire aspiring suit makers a little bit!

I made this a long time ago, I believe in 2007-2008: 

I made these in July 2010:

I made these in January-July 2011: 

So yeah! I wanted to show everyone who's starting out now... how much it's possible to improve lots over the time of one year.
I'm definitely not the best suit maker out there by far, and I still have a lot of learning to do and need lots of improvement. 
But I really have gotten much better over the past year... so new suit makers, you can do it too!
What really helped me out was critique by friends and watching the critiques of other suit makers... so I'm really proud I've improved, and I want to show how much critique can help new suit makers! And feel free to gently critique what I've already made :) Without it I wouldn't have gotten any better!


Bein' nosy

Thought I would show what I've been up to today lol. I've never done silicone like this before. This is neither platinum nor tin cure silicone but silicone caulk. I found someone making molds with this and was curious how it would hold to making noses so I got the stuff and tried my hand at it.
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