August 16th, 2011

Beetle Giggle

Taking in a suit

I think thats what you call it, atleast its what mum says.

So I got my old suit out and I plan to modify it to make it better and I want to take it in at the sides and arms so its not as baggy. Heres what it looks like atm

The pink outline is my body and the green scribbled area is what I think needs to go. But how do I do it? Surely I don't just cut that bit out because it still needs the shape? And I'm going to have to do it by hand as it's too thick.

I have left the legs as I plan to alter them to make the digitagrade.

Rust colored Fox Faux fur.
I am thinking about ordering the rust colored fur in the link above but I would like to see a swatch in person first and this place doesn't seem to offer them, so I was wondering if anyone here has used that fur and might have a scrap they could send me so I can look at it?

I am doing a Rusty colored Golden Retriever and I am finally starting! I am going to buy the foam this week (Joanns is the best place for that right? We have Joanns Micheals and Hobby lobby where do you recommend?) 

Thank you  
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Husky tail?

 Hello! I'm very interested in fursuiting as I've been a furry for a few years now. I can make simple tails but lately I've been trying to make a husky tail

 I made a pattern and it looks right.. but the way I add the belt loop it doesn't sit up right and ends up looking upside down! If anyone can help me by telling me how to do the back with the belt loop it would be very much appreciated ^-^ 

resin wolf head wip

okay i've moved the eyes. looks much better and visibility is still good. just need to smooth everything out now and draw on the nose and mark where the jaw line is.

when i mark the hinge location in, do i make the surface a bit rough so it can be glued to the hinge easier?

whats better for a hinge? plastic or elastic?Collapse )