August 18th, 2011


Sewing machines! :D

Back again! And after much thought and pestering I have decided to ask for a sewing machine for my birthday, a REAL one. Though this mini one has been helpful it's not keeping up and with the constant jamming I can't fix, moving on to thicker fabrics and bigger projects I think it's time to move on. I sew most things by hand now. x-x I only know of Brother and Singer but obviously there are more out there. This won't just be for suits, it's going to be used for cosplay, plushies and the occasional pillow or house hold seam fix. I'm not asking for specific models, more so brands but if you give me one I'll keep an eye out for it. I think one with no more than 20 stitches would be fine(even that might be much), too many and I wouldn't know what do to with them, or I'd spend hours debating over which to use. >_>    Also any suggestion on where to actually purchase one? The only places I know off the top of my head in the area would be Sears and Walmart.(though having looked there they only have Brothers) Possibly Target and the ONLY fabric store within maybe 15-20 miles is small and certainly doesn't have any. Unless I get it online. :/  Thanks in advance guys!  Oh! and of course I would rather not bite into my grandmothers wallet. x-x She doesn't care about the price but I do, I'd feel guilty EDIT: Took a quick look, there are two places in the area I could buy one; one store is 20-30 minutes away the other is well over an hour and a half...
EDIT 2: Forced to Sears and got a Brother SC6600, I'm not crazy about it as I found a Janome I liked online but I can't find anyone willing/able to take the trip to the specialty place, it's actually farther than I thought. I'm waiting on some fur and I will test this out to see how it feels to me, but I'm planning to make the trip out myself via bus. Though while there I found a Kenmore that was scary close to the Janome I was hoping for.

Jenesri Sabertooth

Just wanted to share a recent project with you guys!

I've been working on Jen for the past month in between working full-time and art commissions x) She was a my first feline and sabertoothed critter. I had lots of fun and am looking forward to more improvements. My sub-par photography skills don't do this (or any thing else) justice lol

The commission was a partial with arm and leg sleeves. I'll try and get full photos of that when I can find me a local model!


ok so i made a fox head on the fly, supper fast, it was amaizing, but i just glued the fur and did no sewing, i then shaved it, and will...seams are everywhere, i mean it looks great just up close...egdes are i have thought how to fix this...

air brush may cover it up...
I will not be refurring any segetions beside

and now im stumped...ill post pics later this afternoon.

Wefting hair and pawpad questions!

Hello! I'm currently working on a fursuit head and the character has a mohawk/mane. I considered using NFT fur, but I would need to dye it hot pink and black, and I wasn't comfortable trying that out just yet. So, I was wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of some good wefting tutorials? Also, how much hair would I need to purchase, and what is an acceptable price? (I've found a few on ebay, but I'm very unsure of going prices or if there are better/cheaper deals elsewhere.)

I've already heard I need to use kanekalon hair, and have found this tutorial->

Will that work for creating a mohawk?

Also, I recently bought some pawpads from Flurrycat! They're absolutely wonderful, but I have no idea how to install them in the paw. @.@ I've always used fleece! Can you sew them in, or do you use glue? Does anyone have tips?

Thank you!! =)

Foaming my first head

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beastcub beast fursuit

Drathek Darmor
this took longer than a quadsuit X_X in fact, I am now working on a quadsuit and I keep thinking "this is so easy, why was that dragon so hard?!?"

The belts and shoulder straps/armor are part of the wings, it is far easier to have the sraps go on the outside so I tried to make them look like part of the costume. The tail goes on the outside too, the belt (which keeps the wingpack from lifting when you raise the wings) goes through the tail's belt loops and then though the wingpack and then buckles around the middle

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Strengthening Plastic Mesh

 Hi! As I said before I'm working on making my first fursuit head, and I'm using plastic canvas. After doing some research online though, I've heard some discouraging news about plastic canvas; mainly, that it becomes brittle and breaks quite easily. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on strengthening plastic without using tons of foam? Or, if not, a better material to us as a base? I know I don't want an all-foam mask, and I don't think I want to attempt balaclava yet, either, but I'm more willing to give that a try than all foam. Any advice?

Resin Eyes help plz?

So I attempted to make resin eyes with a product called easycast. I let it cure for over 36 hrs and it is still sticky. I guess I did it worng so now i am throwing out the failed product and starting over.

1 Large Problem

I got my fingers and hands all sticky from taking out the sticky resin. It says to wash your hands when in contact. I did just that, but im still super sticky. I tried washing my hands for 20 minutes using soap every 3 to 5 minutes. No luck, My fingers are still all sticky.

Can Someone help me?

Thanx for all the help guys.
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