August 21st, 2011

First fursuit crit and pawpad help...

So, I've made the foam base for my first fursuit...

And I'd love some critique! :D This will be a toony fursuit, it has a moving jaw, and I'm waiting until after I've furred it to apply the eyes/nose.

Also, I won't be able to make any huge changes, I'll be able to add foam details, but nothing huge, due to the fact that I'm running low on foam. :c

So, here are pics: (Front, side and 3/4 view)

I want to wear it for halloween, but do you think I should? Is it worth it, or is it so horribly ugly I should abandon hope? (I hope not. XD)

Also, what should I use as pawpads for my handpaws?

For the footpaws I'm just using foam foam, because I'll be wearing them outdoors, and I don't want to use anything too expensive.

But, what should I use for the handpaws?

Thanks a bunch! :D


Derp X3 Plastic Canvas help anyone?

SO i'm currently working on making a fursuit of a poochyena, but once I finish it I'm planning to make a partial of my coyote character 'Cannon'.

AS always, I'll be using for this, but where does the fold that goes around the back of your head go? Does it rest on top of your ear or does it lay over your ear or does it go under your ear? Please note this is going tpo be done in one-inch stripes as Matrices suggested.

Or does it not matter because the muzzle isn't attached to it anyways?

Please read this if you have exactly no idea what I'm talking about:

"  Begin by cutting strips of the plastic canvas. Make sure to cut any jagged edges, its better to have a smooth straight edge. Start off with two thick strips crossing each other to fit your head. One over the top of your head, and one around the back. From there add a muzzle, then the jaw. " ~Matrices tutoral (

Sorry, but I'm pretty ignorant on this subject. DX

"Steel blue" fur color?

Has anyone seen or heard of a "steel blue" fur color? I guess it would be like a metallic gray/blue type color. Does such a fur color exist? And if so, where? And if not, then what might be the closest equivalent color?