August 23rd, 2011

Bolt Flies
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I have been watching this livejournal community for a long tim, have gone to several local cons, and have recently decided to begin construction on my first fur suit. However I just have one silly question...

Where do I begin!?

Thanks in advance! :3
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Shaemus Head Piece (WIP)

Quick sloppy pics taken of Shaemus's head.  I apologize for the horrible lighting, I can promise you that he is not yellowed! The pics make him look that way. He looks so much more adorable in person. Parts of him, I'm very proud of, others...not so much. Vision through the eyes is very nice. Jaw mobility is still very sensitive, no exaduration is needed to make it move while speaking.

His tongue is removable via velcro in the very back, so that it can be removed, switched with others, or repossitioned for cute little expressions. There is zipper entry in the back of the head, since he fits too snuggly to be a pull-over head piece. Ears are lined with polar fleece, along with his mouth. I should have gotten good pics of his mouth. But none of the pics turned out right. So what you see is what you get for now. I promise, to get better pics when he's done!

Shaemus will be a full suit that I hope to debut at ZooBoo this year, at the Indianapolis Zoo. Shaemus's undersuit consists of a custom fat-suit I'm working on...which, might I ad, am very proud of my stitching. XD I may end up selling Shaemus someday, so I am making sure that EVERYTHING is securely built and will pass by other people's standards, not just mine. Because not everyone is capable of fixing popped seams LOL

By the way! No critique please!

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first resin-casting project!

I wanted to share my first resin-cast mask here for a few reasons ... first, to show something different that can be done with resin besides "realistic ____ with moving jaw!", and second, had a few questions about working with resin for all of you experts out there.

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For this mask I used Smooth-on's Smoothcast 300 resin. WAY too drippy for slush/rotocasting. Even though I build a little ledge into my mask mold, the resin still spilled out and left me with some thin edges even after 4 coats of resin. If you work with resin, what type do you use for rotocasting? Would adding a filler help with the viscosity of the 300? Should I just be buying another type of resin? I'd like to make more masks and paint them [and offer blanks, too!] so any help with resin type would be great :)

Thanks! Hope you enjoyed :3 Hope to apply this technique to making fursuit parts, but no real interest in making fursuit masks like this. I learn a lot by trying new things, though! :)


First sculpt

 Boy do I feel silly, joining the flood of recent sculpts/casts, but heres my first ever creation, and i was wondering if it looked good enough to start paper macheing over, or if someone could redline the fails for me. Its for my halloween costume  *original I know* so crit is extremely helpful.
and last one its rather blurry but seeable.
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Airbrush Issues

My dog knocked my airbrush compressor off of a shelf and since then, it won't work. All the damage done was the power switch came dislodged. 

I put the switch back in, but it no longer works. There is still an electric charge going to where the switch is placed, but it doesn't respond to the metal in the switch. 

Does anyone know how to fix this?