August 28th, 2011

Fursuit crit (Again) And canadian fur site help

A while back, I asked for critique on my first fursuit foam base. After receiving plenty helpful advice, I've changed some things and would like critique again. :3

Before (DO NOT Crit this):

After (Crit this):

And please note: I know what real canine ears are like. The fursuit's large, sticking-out ears are
part of her character. :3

Also: Where could I get lime green, blue and white 2-3" fur online on a CANADIAN site? Ordering from The US is more shipping, border tax, and takes longer.
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What fabric is used for Form fitted suits?

I found a suit that has the perfect material for what Id like to make for myself-  HERE I just have NO idea what on earth they used. To me it looks like a Sherpa Fabric,  but I wanted to get peoples opinions who may know a bit more about this than me. WOULD a Sherpa fabric work? I know it has 2 way stretch. Suggestions please? ;u; Heres a picture of a hoodie I have that seems to have the same style of fabric. If I stretch this fabric tighter than my measurments it stretches to fit me like a glove. and its soft with rounded sort of tips. 
If it were regular pile fur id imagive it to have spike tips. Like any other pile fur, wether shaven or not. not to mention that regualar fur doesnt stretch like that.

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Resin Nose?

So, i'm planning on making another suit! *haven't posted in a while, but i've been lurking* And i wanted a nose, like this But obviously more dog like. So i was just wondering whether what i thought would be right.  Now, i haven't actually been in contact with the suit maker yet (i'll get round to that)  but i'm assuming, make a nose mold. Fill with a blue pigmented resin mix blah blah blah. Then to make it shiny, use some sort of.... varnish or in my research i've heard using a brush on resin over the top will also give that shine?

So, is this right?  

So questions to you experienced lot~
How to make the resin nose?(is my information the right way)
How to make it THAT shiny?
AND ALSO, how to you give it that gradiented colour look from the outside in?

Realistic Noses?

Alright, I haven't posted here in a while but I've been working on two costumes up until their unfinised heads.

I want to try to make a realstic looking head as possible, for the noises, I want them to shine, yet I want them to be squishy like a silicone/latex nose.

Does anyone know a good place to purchase a material that I'm describing? If it's sold in stores (such as Menards, Home Deopt, Michaels, Hobby Lobby Jo-Anns, ect.) please let me know!