August 30th, 2011

Scaredy cat with glasses

So the bf has been putting off his lifecast and he finally told me why. He is totally freaked out at the thought of being wrapped in plaster, even tho he is the one that lifecast my head! Is there any other way to get a approximate enough measurement of his noggin (without buying lots of expensive things) to make a moving jaw? I was perhaps thinking of plastering a baloon...but I don't think that would work. Padding a foam head?

Secondly, he wears glasses. Big ol' glasses. He will not wear contacts. How do you lifecast someone who wears glasses. I say duct tape...but he didn't seem to be keen ;p

Thanks peoples!

Corrie Possum (crit welcomed)

Whew! This costume has a lot of firsts! And I adore every one of the out comes! First time using minky for a face, first time using hair AND the first time I've EVER furred ahead within 2 days! Usually I draw that process out for an extended period of time. lol. I can thank my silly livestream watchers for the motivation they offered <3

Really-quick stupid youtube video I made on a rush:

***I know some people don't LIKE wigs on fur-suits, but I believe this came out cute either way. No need for pointless comments such as "Wigs look dumb". It's unnecessary and a bit rude. :3

(also seeking advice on fleece under cut)

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resin wolf head wip

okay sorry for the delay since the last time i posted. but i have been working on the sculpt. i hope it looks better then last time. not too sure about the shape at the end of the muzzle. can anyone redline it. i'm pretty sure it meant to be straighter?
oh and the nose is just roughly outlined on there. it will definately have a lot more detail.Collapse )
wiped out

Glue Guns

Does anyone here own a glue gun that's lasted them more than five months? Because I'm approaching the time to replace mine (AGAIN) and I'd like to buy something good. Recommendations from experience are greatly appreciated, as I'm getting pretty tired of constantly wasting money on these things.


Le Edit: Thanks, guys! From what I'm reading, cheap ones seem to work just fine. I'll see if I can find a cheap high-temp one that isn't AdTech, and if I can't find one I'll try the Surebonder. The one I'm currently using is an Arrow from Lowe's, but it's my fourth one. What happens is that after a while the two halves of the gun split and the glue starts seeping out the front. Ick.

Le Edit of Le Edit: Can someone put this in the Memories section? I don't think there's a decent (if any) entry on glue guns there, and everyone's given me a lot of good info!
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