August 31st, 2011


Sewing machine and Serger on Woot

Of interest to folks here for the day of August 31, 2011:

Singer Perfect Finish LCD Sewing Machine & Serger

Not the best, but if you're looking to upgrade your old sewing machine and/or experiment with a serger, seems like a good deal.

EDIT: Hey, yeah, they're cheap, and YMMV when sewing untrimmed fur, but remember that it is often the case that fur alone does not a costume make.

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Finished over sized wolf feet set.

I wish I kept track of how many hours went into this. This project was spread out over six days. It's more like 4.5 with recovering from a delayed train and being sleep deprived, oral surgery, and my weekend gig.

It features three straps per each foot, which is connected under the foot with vinyl, industrial elastic, and velcro for extra support since a Croc was requested. I installed snaps in the back so it will be easy for the performer to put on and strap their feet in. The soles are made from various forms of crepe, with recessed paw pads.

This was the most involved set of feet that I've made so far. I'll be posting a separate production notes and photos post later. It's 3AM. Heading to bed now.

furring the back of the head?

Is there a special way to do it? I'm working on a balacava, and I just finished furring the back of it only to discover.....

it is now -way- too tight. I barely got it over my head, and only managed to after hearing some ripping noises. Even still, the head is very snug, and I was wondering what I'm doing wrong. Should I wear the head and try and do a duct tape pattern while I'm wearing it? How do you guys fur the back of the head, and make sure it still fits afterwards? ;_;

A big thank you!

because.....I finished my fursuit head! Now, this isn't my first try, however this is my first head that I have seen thru to the very end! Yay! And I couldn't have gotten there without all of the advice from everyone from this community! Really, it means so much you all are the best!

so here is a picture!


I didn't make the bodysuit, credit for that goes to Temperance (sp?) I did make the paws but the paw pads are thanks to well as the resin eyes! Almost forgot!

I -might- take her to Rainfurrest....not sure yet. Also -might- sell her (I need money bad) but haven't decided. Still, wanted to show her off! :)

OH. Question. How important is it to wear something underneath a fullsuit (for keeping cool wicking sweat etc?) and what types of materials/stuff would I want to get?

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Mannequin head for sculpting on

I did check the memories first, and didnt find exactly what i was look ing for. I have a "monster makers" head, but its quite annoying to work with when it comes to moving jaws, as the adam's apple is always in the way. Anyway, im looking for a new mannequin head that is good to sculpt on, like making a clay form on it, then do the whole casting resin copy process. It needs to have a neck, and a sturdy base, preferably a 22-24 head circumference. I have checked ebay, didnt have much luck, biggest head i could find was a 21 cir.

I rather not buy a head and bulk it up, if possible. Tried that a few times and never could get it right. ^^;

tail question

I've been seeing these tails called "yarn tails" I think.... and they look so awesome. First off ....

how do you guys like them? Do they last, or do they get frizzy? Anyone have an opinion on them they'd like to share? Pros and cons vs other tail making methods?

And most importantly. .... does anyone know of a tutorial or have a how to on making one? If not, any tips pointing me in the right direction I'd really appreciate. :)
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"Foot" notes continued.

Since folks were asking, here's a TLDR version of a few things.

I use a material called "crepe." It sounds like the food, but it's used on shoes in three ways:

*Midsoling: The center structure of a shoe and to give it height.
*Orthopedic shoes: Adding extra structure or changing the structure for people who need a specific type of shoe due to their feet shape or walking ability.
*Soles: The very bottom piece of the shoe that will touch the ground.

I originally found out about it through a friend who repaired mascot characters for venues. I found a local cobbler and I made sandals. What I didn't know when I first got into it that there was more than just "black" and one thickness. Let alone with a "iron" was. I did learn about glue, which is primarily all purpose contact cement.

That fellow eventually closed his shop at Willow Lawn in Richmond, and I found out he moved it elsewhere. I found a new cobbler downtown, who was very friend and has a son who's into make Star Wars costumes. I came in one time and she said, "I'm putting you to work," and she let me use her industrial sander and taught me how to sand my own sandals. She taught me about different types of crepe, textures, and about the word "iron," which in shoe maker terms, means "thickness." She also taught me that the other guy was over charging me for material, and she'd give me a discount whenever I brought spare pieces in. She wasn't fond of the guy.

6 iron = 1/8"
9 iron = 3/16"
12 iron = 1/4"

I'd pop in occasionally to say hi and show her projects. It was nice.

I moved a year later to Charlotte and after calling around met a new cobbler and his wife. Two of the nicest folks I've ever met who are from NJ.

He mentioned about a shoe supply warehouse a hour away and let me look around his shop. I had asked about a particular knife if he had one, and he had a "hook knife." You score crepe, then cut it away with the hook knife. It was awesome. I traveled to the warehouse last week, got supplies, and a little hook knife of my own.

I popped in earlier to show them the white feet, and they loved them. If they're cobbler approved, that makes me ecstatic.

Working at my mascot weekend gig, I can look up close at their feet. I noticed at the one animal character that was used that what I thought was one piece over the fur was actually two. It inspired me to try out the recessed space to tuck the fur in. It worked out well.

On the white feet, I used the following:

*Fatigue mat (purchased at Home Depot, same as eva foam)
*Soletech - White Dance Soling - 3.5 iron
*Soletech - White Cloud - 12 iron

I'm basically treating the feet like shoes. I plan to eventually make a set where you can strap a generic shoe inside probably next year. Gotta finish my owed projects first.
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Fake Furs

I've been looking at all sorts of different furs on the web, trying to decide what to buy, and I was just wondering... What are some of your experiences with different furs? What are some of your favorite places to order fur from, and why? So, what I'm asking you is what works and what doesn't? Sorry for all the posts, I just have a lot of questions. X/