September 4th, 2011


A question about a certain fur...

Aw, crap just noticed Distinctive Fabric's Long Haired Mink (which seemed perfect) has those yucky looking bands on it. Whyyyy? Anyway, I've been hunting around for fur that's got a 1" pile and having no luck.

Can anyone recommend a place to get something like that or a type of fur that's around that length? sells 1.5" and .5" fur but someone wants a pair of paws where the fur is kind of longish, but I'm really trying to get out of trimming if I can, because I'm not very good at it and my trimmer sucks. ;_;

Oh, yeah. Also, someone mentioned earlier that I could spray paint spot-markings onto fur. Just wanted to know if I need to use a certain brand/type of paint, and are they still safe to wash afterwards?
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Has anyone used..

Because nobody but CRs seems to have any tans or natural reds.. does anyone have pictures of these furs? You know CRs web photos..

Short Teddy(Nutmeg):

Short Pile(Mustang):

Thanks in advance!

Clear Resin?

Planning fursuit project and was wondering if a glass-like, but light weight plastic resin was on the market. Or considering I'd like to make a large, simply shaped plastic bowl, would using thermo-plastic and a vacuum table be easier? Looking for what ever will make the lightest frame, but is also very see-through and reflects light well. Trying to keep it on hush, because it's such a fun idea, but it's going to need to fit over a fursuit head.


ive never airbrushed anything ever i have a totally white wolf link
any thing on what to do to airbrush the whole thing
if you have anything about airbrushing dont hesitate to post i know nothing
yes i have a air brush machine thing
oh what kind of paint shuld i use that wont come off case i got to use lots