September 5th, 2011


Oh, crap. It's time for Halloween already.

I have fewer resources than I thought I did, but I was really hoping to have a half-suit for Halloween/MFF.

I have a suit to finish up for someone else before then, so I'm looking for someone to make me some fuzzy pants!

I wear a size 13, and they just need to be black, and only long enough cover my belly button through mid-calf(I have the colors to finish them).

Let me know your prices! Thanks, guys c:

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Yackaty Yack

I'm looking for some opinions on speaking/communicating with others without a moving jaw. Is that considered "breaking charactar"? Honestly I feel silly trying to speak wearing sprinkles but I don't really see an alternative. Thoughts?
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Resin Eye Blank, Where to Buy?

I'm making a feline mask and the 1.25" eyes I made don't look big enough in the face. Problem is, I don't know how to make a molds for eyes. I just used a paint pallet as a mold to make the eyes I have.

So I'm thinking 1.5" eyes would work fine. Where would the best place to buy 1.5" resin eye blanks?
I've had this site bookmarked for a while:  But it someone said that the cabochons crack if you paint them?

Are there any reliable sites/makers who sell unpainted, 1.5" resin cabochons like that?

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Oh not another need fur post!

That's right... I can't seem to find what I'm looking for!

I am looking for a darkish brown and a camel/golden brown. I'm hoping to find them in a long, shaggy pile like the MM fox. I COULD use the standard 2" DF brown and camel, (I have also found what appears to be the stringy extra long DF in these colors on Fabric Depot) but would really prefer the more realistic wipsy look of fox.

So has anyone ever seen brown MM fox-like furs? Aside from the "palomino" that is.

-edit- I did find the "malt brown monster" at ImStuffed, but I've seen a swatch of that fur and its gross. Fox-like fibers, but very thin and tangley-looking :|

G-Shep Nose Job

Hey everyone- I'm in the midst of putting together a German Shepherd Partial for FurFright and I thought I would share some of the progress.This is a collaboration project between Sugarpoultry of dA and I. She provided a resin mask blank for me to build an armature off of.

I ran into a dilemma earlier in the week. The nose on the resin blank I'm working with was slightly twisted to the left. (or it could have been that the jaw was dremeled unevenly.) Whatever the case, casting is a tricky process and sometimes it's easy for things to get distorted somewhere along the way. So with this issue (that more than one person I've shown the mask to has pointed out) I decided to kill 2 birds with one stone.

1. Fix the nose alignment as best I can
2. Use the opportunity to make a more "German Shepherd" nose.

So I sawed the nose off with a hack saw.....sanded and ground the edges... and re-attached the nose with modeling epoxy. The result isn't 100% perfect but it feels much better to me. The one nostril looks uneven in the photo but under real lighting it looks even...that highlight is weird.

Larger Image->
-Katmomma (Marilyn Cole)
[Bran] Gryphon


Hello, I am making a Lugia fursuit/mascot costume. I am looking for velboa in the grey and or black for the material, but can't seem to find it anywhere. I know it must exist so I'm wondering if maybe I'm using the wrong search terms?

If not, is white velboa dye-able? Or do you have any suggestions for an alternative?

Thanks in advance!

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Questions about cutting foam with a hot knife

Forgive me if there's a post like this in the memories, I couldn't find it. I've heard that cutting upholstry foam is a big no-no because of the fumes, but is it as bad as I've heard? Would it be safe to do it outdoors, or would you need a mask for it? I imagine the foam is safe after it's cooled down, it's just the fumes that are bad, right?