September 7th, 2011

dark wolf howl

Lion or Wolf?

I plan on making my first fursuit soon, and at first I wanted to make a punk kind of looking wolf with purple, black and white. Then, after looking up on the debate on toony vs. realistic, I decided I wanted a friendlier looking wolf. The punk wolf was scrapped as I boggled my mind for an original wolf design. I decided on a wolf with a dark green back, thighs, nose bridge, and shoulders, with black down the sides of his neck, sides, and on his paw pads. Again, this was not a part of my aim. He still felt very rigid and serious. I liked his look, mostly because of the large amount of effort I went to coloring him in, so I tried to see if lightening up his color would change the outlook. It did not. Soon after, I began to research other animals that where commonly made into fursuits, Lions being my main focus. It seemed, to me at least, that lions, as long as it isn’t purposeful for it to look mean, is something you just want to run up and hug immediately(I think The Lion King has something to do with it). So, a few questions.
1.  What was your first fursuit?
2.  How good did it turn out?
3.  How have you changed since you first fursuit?
4.  What would you have done differently if you could rebuild your first fursuit over again (it’s ok, you can still keep the first one :D)
5.  Wolfie or Kitty?

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Need to get rid of scraps? Going to furfright?

Its about that time of year again, when I empty out my scrap bins and beg you guys for charity donations.

Because of its overwhelming sucess full of failures last year, FRANKENFURSUIT will be hosted at furfright yet again!

In short, people show up, are equipped with glue guns, duct tape, cardboard and paperclips, and have 2 hours to construct a fursuit abomination. They are judged on stage, live at the masquerade, based on.. something, I don't know what it is, whatever one looks least like a dustbunny, perhaps?

But anyways, if you have any large scraps of TRUELY HIDEouS FUR that you will never use for anything ever, please let me know. I will be happy to pay shipping for boxes of horrible things for horrible monsters.

PS: If you are planning on attending furfrighta nd would like to participate, just show up and get assigned to a team.
PPS: If you are planning on attending furfright, and would like to DONATE, please contact me here and we'll work something out :D
pyridene by henrieke

Cutting fur to get the good parts?


I'm wondering if anyone's ever done this or if I could get some feedback. At my local hobby lobby, right now there are only two types of fur available. Both are mid-quality imo but both of them are multicolored spotted things. Basically they have parts that are just solid color, but then there are patches that have spots and patches that change color and they are all mixed together in a repeating pattern.

I'd like to try to build a head just for fun so I'd rather not buy stuff online. I was thinking that maybe I could buy this multicolored fur and just cut the parts I want out of the fabric and then sew them into pieces that I could use. Basically a Frankenstein job.

However, I'm wondering if that won't give me insane amounts of seams and of course it's a ton of extra work. But I like the base fur color and I'm not aiming for anything professional quality at the moment.

Anyone ever had to do a Frankenstein job to get the fur they needed? Smart or Stupid?

effen cat eris valgen

Deja Vu

Finally finished her today and i have to say....i am very proud of my work on this one. I have listened to what you guys told me to improve on...from muzzle shaping to airbrushing. I hope you enjoy my new style of work as much as i do =3

Thanks again to all you gave me advice in what to work on. 

otter, kaio

Body suit questions

Well this otter is thinking of upgrading his partial to a full suit, and I have a few questions...
  1.) I sweat ALOT when I suit, what would be a good way to prevent my fullsuit from being soaked while I suit?
2.) What are some good methods for proceeding after the dtd? I"ve seen
mutliple styles in the memories, but I wanted to hear other people's
  3.) How much would I need for making a solid colored suit? I was thinking in the 2-3 yd range.

Thanks now for any advice that is given.