September 8th, 2011

Plastic and LEDs

I'm wondering if anyone can tell me where to get that moldable plastic that goes over any surface? I believe it was called Wonderflex?

I need a site that still sells it, or a replica product, and ships to Canada.

ALSO, where is the best site to get coloured LEDs and wires for those?

Questions for Costumes and other things

I decided to post one big post about questions I need answers for.

First off, mold products :

-What is the best mold product to make molds with?

-How should I make a mold of jaw sets?

-What about noses, paw pads, claws, and different resin eye sizes?

-Is it possible to make a mold of tongues

-How do i remove all of my items from the molds?

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Round large heads?

So, pretty soon, i'd like to make a new poke'suit since i'm in love with making pokemon realistic instead of gijinka.

My next project is: Victini!

My question is, how do I go about making it's egg/rounded head? Chicken wire?
answers are greatly appreciated!!
beastcub beast fursuit

Maned Tigercat Quadsuit

Just because the question has come up, the area was power washed that morning and I made sure ahead of time that the customer had no issues with the suit being on the ground or around my cats (and as you can see they themselves spent plenty of time on the ground outside when they wore it)

The customer flew in from the East Coast to attend Sac-Anime with me and to take home their costume.

The tail was a free upgrade from the typical stuffed one they paid for, I felt it would be too lifeless, so I went with the a braided wire core so it would swing and bounce.

The LED kit and front claws are from Flurrycat. Note that the LED kit was just the LEDs, I made the eyes...and man, none of these photos or videos capture just how stunning the eyes are in person, the way the light looks behind the veins of the eyes is mesmerizing.
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Resin Wolf Mask?

Howdy folks!

I recently asked a question about dealing with a wolf head and sadly, most of that money went to waste on a failure head for my Okami quadsuit. I overheard that some of the best costume-makers used rasin masks making me wonder if I should convert to that as my foam carving skills are low. Heck, I only do so much learning about a wolf that my ignorance caused it to fail in the first place. I always did take interest in building and sculpting which would make good practice if I try.

The main thing is: Are resin masks considered made using molds or something of the sort? I'm quite new to it so expect me to be a total noob on everything mentioned. However, info that proves helpful will make me a happy camper. I'd hate to do it, but maybe Van Dyke's is the way to go if all else fails...

I know this is quite off-topic, but how are the paws done?

I saw this vdieo that kindled this question:

The furred head is the one I plan to do and hopefully achieve a similar quality of beauty.

Thanks ya :)

My buckbeak Quadsuit

Hello everyone

i'v been lurking on here for a while but never really post anything.

Well i just wanted to show my best quadsuit i have ever made.

He took me about 6 to 7 months to create, alot of blood and tears went into him as he was my 2nd quadsuit so i just wanted him just right.

He has been upgraded alot after this picture for example his back hooves have been razed up so the stilts don't look long anymore.

A run down of him

follow-me eyes
Red LED'S inside the eyes
inbuilt fan
real pigeon feathers which i find all the time were i live,collected them and washed them meny times.
padded bodysuit
2 sets of wings normal closed wings made from a strong bendable wood and opening and closing wings (WIP)
lightwaight head
neck vision

It took me a extremely long time to put each single small feather on his head but it was worth it in the end.

thank you for reading ^^