September 9th, 2011

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Flower basket prop.

This was a fun project that I finished up yesterday. I needed a specific prop for an event next month. This took about a hour and a half. The basket was found at a Good Will, the flowers (half of them were on sale) at a Michael's, and I had the 6" wide block of green cushion foam at home.

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I measured around the top and the base, cut the foam out with an electric knife, cut it at angles until it sat in the basket right, and then cut out about 3" inches off the bottom of the block. I had to curve it back out again.

To insert the flowers, I stabbed the foam with scissors, then inserted them. For the ones with multiple flowers, I separated them off the wire/plastic stalks.

Once all the flowers were in, I cut off more foam at a 45 degree angle underneath. The foam itself has a curve, which makes the display look fuller. Any excess stems were trimmed underneath. When I have time, I'll inject glue into the punctured sections of the foam. I had a bunch of left over leaves, so those were woven through the basket.

I sat and listened to NPR kvetch about the government for about a hour and a half.

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Can anyone show me some examples of Crscrafts' cubby bear ginger being used in a suit please? I need it for some paws but I'm not 100% how it'll look in person compared to on the website. Thanks!

Sculpt Advice

Yes, I am still not done with this (for those who even remember it.)

I have seemed to run into a problem I don't know how to solve. On the chin, well, the sculpt isn't exactly coming into my own chin. I have no clue how to go about fixing it without having to plan around it and put the mane of the character there (which I don't want to do as I see problems in the making.)

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Tryin to catch me sculpting toony

So...generally when you think of sculpting, what do you think? Realistic wolf heads. Not anymore. Why can't I sculpt toony? Why can't I have a pony?

Well because taking a head cast means you have a small head to sculpt off and toony heads are kinda bigger I think. So I don't know if this is going to work at the end of the day but I'm tickled at the thought of figuring out something that I don't think has ever been done before.  And totally easy.
I started with a real standard plastic mesh head tutorial, filled it in a bit with foam

I used one package of plaster bandages to do this and left it to dry a bit. After it dried I brushed the inside with plaster of paris.

It is exactly like my personal head cast, except rounder like a toony head and I left the top and sides on...kind of like building off a foam base, but plaster. Out of need comes innovation. Hopefully this doesn't crash and burn!

New to making suits, need advice

I've recently got into sewing partial parts of fursuits up. Finished a tail or two, done practice handpaws and ears, ect. I attempted to make a tail that I might be able to sell the other day, in order to make back some of the cost of the fur. [url=]Link to picture![/url] I was told that the seam that is seen on the top right part, where the spine would flow, is a problem with my pattern, which I dont understand. My pattern was a 10 piece pattern with the main part of the tail being 1/2, while the curve on the bottom and top are multiple pieces. Is the pattern for the 'tube' supposed to consist of a three pieces wrap around instead of a two piece? Or was my seam too small? It was only about 1/8th of an inch of seam, but my understanding was that the smaller, the better.

Overall, Im just trying to figure out how to do this and make the pieces look professional. Most of the tutorials out there are basic how tos, not addressing such specific problems.
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Looking for a brown fur...

I bought DF Brown (the chocolate brown one) a while ago for the project I'm working on, however...I'm affraid it may be too dark for my liking. :C

This is the character I'm making, don't pay attention how she's feral, I'm just using it to point out the color I'm looking for:

I need fur around a 1.5" pile (anything close to that works, for example something like 2" or something will be fine) in the darkest brown color you see in the ref, used on her legs. I've looked EVERYWHERE and decided to settle with DF brown but I'm having second thoughts and I'd like to try one last time before just going with the brown I have. If anyone has some or knows a place where they sell some I'd be grateful. ^__^

Uk casting supplies

Okay I'm ready to cast my wolf head. But i need to make the mould. For that I need silicone. But where can I get a suitable silicone in the uk. Qarrezel recommends platinum silicone in her tutorial. But I don't know where to get it in the uk. Ive found the urethane resin in the uk from but I'm stumped on the silicone. Can anyone help? There's too many different ones with different strengths :z
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