September 13th, 2011


Fur question -- help!

I just ordered some swatches from Mendel's Fabric, and I cannot decide which fur to use! I ordered their cubby bear, seal, and super seal. I'm going to be using this fur for paws. I'm strongly considering either the cubby bear or super seal. What I'm wondering is, has anyone here used any of these furs from Mendel's, and would they recommend it? It's kind of expensive, so I don't want to order it, and have my paws turn out yucky.

Also, I asked on here earlier about adding spots to paws, and someone suggested spray painting the markings on and that's got me curious about doing it that way. The spots are -kind- of like a dalmation, not too complicated.

Just wondering if that's a good method, and if so, do I need to use a special kind of spray paint to do so? Any tips? Cautions? Are the paws washable after doing something like that?

Thanks for the input!
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So many posts lately....

Anyways, off the topic of the StarFox partial, I'm also working on two suits at the moment, my friend and I are almost done with some of the heads, I'm looking for a place that sells red and possibly brown, and if not a brown; then a purple light. I'm not really sure were to buy LEDs, but I know how to wire them. What places sell the LEDs?

Short pile leg seams?

 I finally got my fur after a mistake and now I have a week less till ComicCon. >_>
Anyways I plan to sew up my paws tomorrow so I haven't seen how much seams will show exactly with this Black Seal. Though I'm sure they will be noticeable being a shorter pile so for my legs I am planning on basiclly having the fabric wrap around my leg and having only inside seams. The only hitch I am having is where to make the connecting groin seams. I was thinking of making 3 parts with each leg it's own then the groin it's own piece and putting them altogether but I wonder if that is going to be a problem because of all the moment when walking? Would a better be making them just two parts and connecting the legs at the middle?

I can quickly make these up on paint if my words don't make sense. XD On the flipside drawings would be much help as I am more a visual person.

EDIT: Realized I should mention this! This is part of  half suit with Digitgraded legs