September 18th, 2011

  • glumpot

Different fur brands, same costume

I'm starting foaming my head, and once I've done that I'll be furring (which I'm very nervous about). I got fur samples from DF a day or two ago, and I really like the look and feel of it, but for a yard of black, a yard of white, and three yards of gray, it's a $115.00. I was just wondering, if the legs and arms are black, the main color for the head and the body is gray, and there is white on the chest, tail, and markings, can I get away with using less? I'm kind of scared to, though, because I'm not the best at sewing, and I want to have extra in case of mistakes. If not, would it look and feel ok to get a slightly cheaper fur (maybe 15-18 a yard instead of 23) for the black and white, and get DF for the gray?

Plastic Canvas, moving jaw (VERY articulate!)

Sadly there's a lack of plastic canvas/mesh tutorials out here in the internet realms of the furry fandom.

Lucky for YOU I have here a mighty fine tutorial on how to make a bone structure out of strips of pc and a seperate jaw piece that gives you intense and accurate articulation.


 I call this The Oxenfrey Fursuit Method.

I have a picture tutorial here: 

And a video tutorial, that's pretty much the pictures with music to it., here:

And a creepy video of how it moves:

Disclaimer: The only problem I had with it was I made the muzzle too long and had to cut it down to size.  Make sure you have an accurate reference picture! (To a realistic sense)

P.S. I still am having trouble figuring out how to foam it properly, sadly theres little to no tuorials on foaming plastic mesh, if you find one, I'd love the link to it! <3

- Ollie Oxenfrey

EDIT: I should have rephrased myself when I said I was looking for tutorials on foaming, I meant that it's not about sculpting with pc, its about building, which is difficult in my eyes.

DOUBLE EDIT: The difference between my method and other's PC mehod, is I actually have a fully articulated jaw and other's don't.

Others go by the hinge method, while I seperate the jaw from the cranium, like an actual skull and line up the features of your mask with your features SO that the mask is as acuratly sized and moves as close as possible.

Tawdi Nelty
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Blue fur

EDIT: Found it! Thank you!

Can anyone help me find the dark blue fur of this character>
I want enough to make its tail.

Also I was thinking of using black unless I can find a really really dark grey. The grey I have is too light for their liking.

I would like 1 to 2 inch fur, but I could go longer and cut it down. If I
did shorter, I'd need to get a black in the same length....


Felt Owl Costume

I Found this tutorial for a no-sew owl costume at Joann and could not resist posting here.


Felt:(Child size!! Scale up for adult size)
1 yd camel
1 yd brown
1/2 yd light gray
1/2yd dark gray
1/2 yd heather beige
1/4 yd natural
1/3 yd black
Fabri-Tac glue
Black elastic cord
Orange or yellow craft foam visor
1.BODY: Cut .two 24"x36" pieces of camel felt for body. To create opening for head, cut a 6" circle 4" from
the top on one piece-of camel felt. Place the two body pieces on top of
each other. Round the head by cutting the top Corners to create space
for arm opening, mark up the sides 11" and 18" from the
top. Glue top and sides, leave 7' arm opening spaces unglued.<
2.EYES: Cut out two 10" black felt circles, two 81/2" natural felt circles: two 7" brown
felt circles. Center &amp; glue.
3. WINGS: Cut two 18"x 12" brown felt wings. Glue elastic cord loops at wrist level on underside of each
3.FEATHERS: Cut 7"strips of felt from all colors. Cut a rounded V shape at one end of each strip;
leave 1" for gluing.Glue feather strips as shown: light strips down center, other colors around the back. Glue
feathers around the face and to the top of head.
5.Glue eyes in place.
6. Trim visor into a slightly pointed beak.