September 21st, 2011

otter, kaio

Fur Amount

All right, I'm a 6'2" 220lb's how much fur would I need to make a body suit? I've been told on average between 4--6 yards, is this true? It's my first time making a body, Also i plan on making feetpaws, but small ones that arent bulky or anything. Advice please! :) thanks. Also, i'm working on a bit of a budget, I'm looking for medium pile white fur I was thinking of using CR's Cubby White would this do? When I suit I'm very active and bouncy. Granted I was also considering making a just a furry "shirt" and legs, because my character is typically seen wearing just swim trunks, Anyway if anyone could give me an estimate on these idea's i'd greatly appreciate it.

if a head fits snugly

...will adding a zipper help at all, or does that just make it easier to pull it on? I've got a head I want to sell soon, and it's kind of a tight fit -- 22" max. I was hoping if I added a zipper to the neck it would make it a little roomier?

On that note, would there be anyway to hide it? Maybe just get a small zipper?

Advice: how would you approach this?

Hi folks.
So, I've started to make a suit for the first time. No problem with the body or tail or paws and such, but yes, I have an issue with the head.
Not in base construction, I seem to have come up with my own way (we'll see how it holds up, if curious, a few pics are in my G+ here ) but in the fur.
I'm making a coyote. and I have found this absolutely fabulous fur for making him out of. But the issue I'm having is this: when the fur falls in the right direction it looks amazing. But when it falls backward (against grain) it has this striped pattern of dark/light. 

So the question I have is this: has anyone worked with fur like this before? (assuming yes) and if so, is it adviseable to use smaller section on the head furring, shaved, or just go find other (similar) fur for the head (muzzle, chin)?

As stated above, it's my first time doing a head, so sorry if I'm not totally clear.
dark wolf howl

Airbrush Paints and Compressors

Hi! I just recently dug out a 20 year old Paasche airbrush set H. It's still in what looks like perfect condition, but I haven't tried it out yet. That's where the problems begin.

It says on the sheet...
     -20lbs for stipple and granulated effects
     -30lbs for medium consistancy water colors, inks & dyes
     -30lbs for heavier fluids, reduced lacquers, vanishes, paints or ceramic glaze. Heavier fluids litited to size 5.

My dad has an older 2-3gallon (i think) air compressor and I cant remember what the lbs where or anything. (He has sience replaced this with a industrial sized one, but kept the 2-3 gallon one.)

Question # 2: What brand of airbrush paint do you use?