September 22nd, 2011

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Piano Paws Tutorial

As I promised, I got the tutorial done for my new kind of paws that I affectionately call Piano Paws<3

I typed down everything because not everyone can read my handwriting.
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You need:
-1 pair stretchy gloves
-Luxury Shag (1" & 2" preferred. I use the 1" for fingers and 2" for the rest. You can find this at many places, including,,, and . You can even ask for available fur to be sold at the fursuit or fursuitauctions communities on I can't tell you exactly how much, but you can use good-sized scraps easily. It basically comes down how big your hand is.
-Plastic Claws (I use the kind that come in bear claw necklace kits. You can also get them at . If you want a more substantial
claw, I suggest going to someone like Flurrycat/Monoyasha-I've used their claws and loved them!)
-Hot glue (make sure to have at least one extra stick of glue-it always runs out quick, at least for me. I also use the cold setting so I don't
loose as much skin-besides your skin should not hit the places you use the glue for this project.)
-Elastic tape-you can use any you wish, but I used 1/2" for the example paws.
-High Density foam-just long scraps can do. 1"x1"x4" blocks are the best to whittle into fingers.
-Exacto knife (for cutting the foam into blocks and to cut out patterns in the fur (Do not use scissors for cutting fur- it just makes a mess and makes your fur look horrible. Also I used them to cut the gloves, but be careful!)
-Scissors (for sculpting foam)
-Needle and thread (if sewing two light colors together, I suggest using light pink. idk why, but it hides well in any neon or light colored

Step 1:
Cut gloves for fingers and claws. (Don't cut too much at the tips-you want the claws to fit in snugly!)

Step 2:
Carve 10 "fingers" out of foam *notch the center of the larger side the wedge to insert claw.

Step 3:
Stuff glove fingers with the foam, making sure the claws curve toward the hole at the base of the finger. Anchor claws to the glove by gluing the slit of the glove to the claw and if you are using claws with holes at the base, you can sew the claw to the glove. Also sew the finger shut, leaving only the slit at the base for your fingers to escape.

Step 4:
Sew elastic onto fingers.

Step 5:
Duct Tape Pattern and Fur. If you don't know how, go to the memories section of this community~

Step 6:
Touch up any of your mistakes, test out, brush, and enjoy! Go play piano/type on the computer/whatever else you can think of to do with em!

Piano Paws idea and the artwork was made by Bell Griffith.
If you have questions, you can shoot me a line here or on .
You can find the large version here.

If you make a pair, please link me! I'd love to see them!

Shaymus MacDuff: In the Fur! (and kilt!)

I'm sure that some of you remember me posting reference pictures a few months back, along with pictures of the head once I had it finished. I wouldnt' doubt that at least a few were wondering if I was ever going to finish, and if I did, when was it going to happen? Well...the wait is over!

After three long months, Shaymus is finally finished. This suit was full of firsts for me, as I try and pack as much experimentation as I can into each suit. Its the only way to learn, afterall! Push the limits!

I took a long hiatus in the middle of the body suit when I became severely frustrated and discouraged with how things were going. After encouragement from my family and friens, I was able to step up to plate again and get to work once more. I spent many anime seasons working on Shaymus, including Avatar, xxxHolic, Pumpkin Scissors, and every Studio Ghibli movie I own on DVD.

Shaymus' special features include: padded stomach and bottom, moving jaw, removable/interchangeable tongue, latex pawpads (courtesy Monoyasha), kilt, sporan, and tam (courtesy a kind coworker whom is an avid knitter), handmade belt by me, and stuffed pawpads.

Vision is out the eyes, venhilation out the mouth.
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I've been wondering... (teeth)

What material can I use for a toothy grin? (like the one in my icon.)

Preferably made out of something breathable but sturdy/able to be formed....(see below )

Any thing that would fit that?

( I would like to be able to remove it and have it still hold the shape.  Without having to join it to the actual head, because I would add in normal sculpted teeth like everyone else behind the toothy grin..the head will also have a moving jaw.)

If something like this has been discussed, can I be linked to it?
I haven't found something similar in memories, but I might have looked in the wrong place

Dragon feet

I'm trying to make slippers out of fleece that look like dragon feet for a customer. So far, I haven't had an idea that works. I've looked up a few tutorials but they don't seem to apply very well to my situation, since they're working with fur, not fleece.

I'm just banging my head against the wall at this point. Any suggestions or tutorials I haven't seen would be much appreciated.

Best foam for quadsuit head?

I have the padding and everything completed, but I want to make sure the head is someone lightweight so it doesn't strain my neck. What's the best foam to use for quadsuits? Also, what product would you suggest using to make sure a jawset is light and doesn't add much weight to the head?