September 23rd, 2011


Hope this is okay ...

I'm not sure if it's okay to post a link to someone else's work, but I think I'd have a hard time explaining it.

Anyway, I was perusing FA and stumbled upon a mask like this

Just wondering if anyone has made anything similar to that? If so, any tutorials, tips would be appreciated.

From the reading I've done I think masks like this can be sculpted first, then a replica is cast from latex or resin? I think?

I'm not the best sculptor tho, so I was wondering if you're going to make something that will be form fitting like latex or resin or the like, could you make the mold from something else?

Not sure where I'm going with this, other than I would -love- to make something like this, and *any* help would be soooo appreciated! :)

Right now I'm more interested in the steps leading up to the actual casting, btw. I'll worry about that once I have a mold ready.
chibi sparrow crop

Spots the Cheetah

Finished this guy up last night. The new owner came to pick him up in person, he got here when it was dark so we didn't take pictures outside, it was also wet from a recently rain shower.

I'll be getting better pictures of him at FurFright next month but I was eager to show him to you guys now. :D

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Also, just in case any of you were curious, here's the concept art I made for him and worked off of when creating the fursuit:

Comments are welcome!

Fur Advice

Hi guys,

I'm on the hunt for tiger-striped fur to make a plushie. I know this is a fursuiting community, but I know you guys have knowledge of some pretty fantastic fur resources.

I know it seems like a silly thing to get totally stymied on, but so far on my Google search, I am just not finding any tiger-striped fabrics that I like :/ A lot of the available fabrics seems to be extremely short-pile and with a "wavy" texture to them, which I don't think really works for a stuffed animal.

I did look at some of the resources listed in this community, but I don't have a wholesale business and/or I don't like the available striped fabrics :/

Or should I just give up and learn to airbrush? XD

Any help/advice is hugely appreciated :D

Strange goings on.

So i was dying some fur, the Ivory from mohair bears. i have dyed this role of fur with this same batch of Dylon black fabric dye before, but this time its come out a light brownish redish colour, rather than gray like usual.

What could i have done wrong?

Its a pretty old batch of dye, does dye change colour with age?

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Introducing: Sheppymomma!

Larger Pictures-->

This is a collaboration piece between Sugarpoultry and I.
She provided a resin mask blank (with eyes and teeth and jaw put together) and I did alterations to the mask, the armature, the furring, the airbrushing, and the tail and handpaws.

Sugar had been making some really nice masks that caught my attention and about a month ago I got in on the mask blanks she was offering. Coming from someone who has experience in casting, it's not an easy process and it's difficult if not impossible to get things perfect.
Original Mask Blank by Sugarpoultry -->

I got a mask blank from her and I started by making little custom fixes to fit my face better and adjustments to the cast. I sawed the nose off and re-mounted it for a more "German Shepherd" like shape, did some spot gluing to the hinges to straighten the jaw out permanently and added foam in places for shape. I also constructed an armature for what became the ears out of cold-press watercolor paper laminated (multiple layers) to plastic mesh.
The result-->

What was left to do was furring and making a tail and I got to work! And what you see here is the final result!

This is "Sheppymomma" I created her because my boyfriend loves G-sheps and I want to Halloween around with him as one. :D The vision in the mask is excellent! It's not a hassle to put on or take off. The jaw movement is pretty nice too. All fur blending was done with acrylic paint and drybrush. Tail loops onto my belt. Pawpads are leather and the claws are super sculpey. Everything is hand-sewn. I may still do some trimming on the handpaws...they are quite fuzzy.
Handpaws close up-->

I am really really happy with how this turned out. Thank you, Sugarpoultry for granting me this awesome collaborative opportunity!

Sheppymomma is to premiere at FurFright in Cromwell, CT October 14-16th 2011.

Khain, the white ferret

Khain is now officially complete and I am very pleased with the result. My first ferret as well :)

I originally bought the feet from Beetlecat a while ago, but they were too big for me. I never used them so I ended up throwing them into this commission. Also, the headbase was originally created by someone else - whos name I have forgotten, but they had abandoned the project, so I bought it and modified it.

Well without further ado here are some more pictures

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dark wolf howl

Pepsi Reference! Crits Welcome!

So. I didn't intend to name him Pepsi. Imagine him without the red nose. Thats about where I was when I though of the name Pepsi. Because, I thought, with a red nose, he'd be the exact colors of a pepsi can! Agian Criticts welcome! Mostly on colors and such, not really the line art (yeah, I fell like I such, but everyone keeps complementing me (I did this in school, and showed it to a few friends latter that afternoon.)
You could say that Pepsi is my Party Fursona. Unlike my other Fursona you could say is my Spiritual Fursona. Yes, I know, the smile is a little croocked. He is most likely looking at something he is about to crack up at.