September 24th, 2011


Has anyone purchased from them? I plan on using 4 of their furs for some suits, I just want to make sure that it's a good quality. I've ordered two swatches from them, they seem okay to use but I just want to much sure and not spend money for horrible fur.

Light grey fur

Hello everyone!

I love DF/'s long pile gray, but it's a bit darker than I'm wanting for a later project. CRS short pile gray looks about the right color, but I'm worried about the quality. Has anyone used CRS gray on a project they have pictures of, or perhaps know of another light gray?

<3 Panda
beastcub beast fursuit

This cleaner works

The unicorn quad I made almost 3 years ago came back in for a trade in (the owner's back was no longer up to using it, and I like this suit and could use it for ren fairs)

It saw a lot of use, indoors and out, and was very dirty. The head and legs are surface wash only, and well, this did the trick.

I tried it because it has carpet instructions with no mention of rinsing.

So I sprayed on, brushed it in, let sit for 10 minutes, rubbed real hard with a damp cloth, then with a dry cloth and DONE. No need to rinse, no sticky residue or damage to the fur.

PS the unicorn quad will be at the Folsom ren fair October 15th and the Sonora all hallows fantasy fair Ocotober 22 and 23rd

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Unfinished werewolf stuff EDIT: updated pictures

Hello all, just wanted to update my progress on my werewolf costume. (if you can even call it that) Here are a few pics of the things ive done, not looking for extreme realism and nothings attached yet so bear with me. Con crit is highly welcome.

Hands: EDIT: half finished hands/misc stuff on my desk

Nose: EDIT: basically finished nose

Please tell me if anything does not work. And yes, most of the eyes on the desk are horrible...cloudy/cracked/weird. I cant seem to get it right.

Yarn for fur, etc.

A friend suggested I use yard to do long fur but when I tried the different ones my roommate has they all shredded and fell apart.  I tried what brushes I have but they seem to be cheap plastic (acrylic?).  I tried the yarns at the fabric shot to find something that would seperate into hairs nicely and really could not find what I thought could work.

I tried memories for tutorials (text since voice videos are useless to me due to deafness) and really couldn't find the information on doing that sort of thing.

It was tie a piece of yard to plastic mesh and then brush it into fibers.  I'm trying to solve the "long hair" issue but for example colors are hard to find the right one whether wigs or yarn.

It's fustrating.  Method, color, and what yarn to use.

It's for a Lion so I tend to be in a certain range of color in the "browns".  Not too picky but yea.

Everything I find that is really long and a good color online (taxidermy for example) are a major bundle.  I want to lean towards cheap.

Any ideas, tutorials, even watching uncaptioned videos could by seeing what is done (not just dumb chatter) could help.   I'm also not sure what kind of brush to use since the ones used for cleaning animal coats (cat fur) is harsh on yarn.
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