September 25th, 2011


Two commissioned ears and somethin else

I finished these two sets last night (if you consider staying up till 5AM last night XD) They were both commissed after I posted the other set of ears last week.

First is a set of rabbit ears for banewulf that have pink flesh instead of the color I used on the other set. They have DF shag fur I trimmed and hand done latex flesh and veins This set does have finished edges (unlike the other set that are not complete)

Next is a set of Faun/Unicorn ears for ducttapeninja. They were a bit of a challenge since I needed to make them stick up and back instead of out from the side of the head. They turned out really nice. Made of the same DF fur as the other ones and trimmed to be floofy on some parts and have the flesh colored latex of the first set of ears.

And something for myself because I could....

As for the lop-ears people were wanting to see, I have a pair of black ones in the works, so they are coming!
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First Wolf Comission, maybe some tips?

I'm working on my first head comission for this black wolf

So here are the first pictures of the baclava head construction

It needs more shaping and I will build the lower jaw when I got the jawset for this.

But I'm unsure about the ears. I'm not sure abput the size and the position? The final ears will be made out of foam and will have a more realistic shape than this simple triangels.

Or someone have any other tips about shape or something like this?

Glow paws Video - version 2

My last video was a video test on the glow effects on latex pawpads.
Since working with silicone, I find it a lot easier to obtain a brighter glow :D

This is only a very short clip demonstrating sewn in pawpads (and additional fimo claws)

Filmed using a standard digital camera, please bare in mind the results are a little brighter than on film ^^;;

ps. if anyone can embed this vido then that would be awesome, i cant seem to get it to work.