September 27th, 2011

dragon blue

Building a fursuit

I'm trying to understand exactly how the body suit is built.  I get the duck tape dummy.  I guess I'm wondering about the padding. I've heard there is padding that lines the entire suit (not just for digigrade legs), but I can't seem to find any tutorials for it.  Most of the links on this community on the main page are broken and I would really like to start making it.  Is the padding usually removable?  What type/size is it?  Is there a specific pattern to use when building it?  Anythign else I may need to know?

Also I'm looking for some opinions about longfur vs short fur for two dragon fursuits I'm making.  I really like the look of long fur, and I bought over $230 of it and now I'm starting to rethink my decision because I don't know if it will look right on a dragon.  I've gotten swatches from a few different places and the best I think I should use is the 1/8" ultra fur syfabrics sells.  Anyone have a suggestion about using those furs or something else?  I don't really want to to be flat like a felt or whatever. 

Key Chains

I was wondering if anyone knew of where I could find a tutorial on making a faux fur mini tail keychain? I have seen them for sale on various auction sites. I have the faux fur supplies or scraps in this case. I am just not 100% sure about attaching a clip, ring, or etc.