September 29th, 2011


multiple tail question!

I'm making a kitsune costume, and it has three tails. I have the webbing and clips for the belt, and white elastic and all, but how do I want to attach the tails so they sit right? I'm worried that if I just put them one after another on the belt, and then stack them, that they'll slip loose and end up side by side in a line.

What I'm looking for is two side by side and the third to hang over top of them, like this

and have them *stay* that way.

Since I'm making my own belt, I can easily permanently attach them to it if this is necessary. Since the tails won't need to be worn separately, I don' thave to worry about taking them apart.

I just am completely clueless on how to do this.
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I need EYE HELP ;-;

Alright... So I have a secret project going down (but since Im posting here its obvious to what it is lol)
but anyways! I have my eyes gutted out and ready for /something/ to be installed.
Sadly I cant decide what to do. I don't think I have the extra room to make 2D tubed eyes to make a 3D effect
But Im not sure what material to use for just flat fabric eyes.

I know someone told me a long time ago what it was but my memory
is so scrambled sometimes. Could anyone please share with me the materials they found
to be best for seeing through /and/ painting?

Looking for 3'' Grey Fur.


I was recently told that there isn't such a thing as a dark grey ( or brown/maroony ) faux fur that comes in a 3inch fur length.

This causes huge problems for me because my 'Sona is dark grey and her tail is uber shaggy.
So, anyways, I was pointed here by a fursuit creator and here's my question:

Has anyone who makes costumes, fursuites or the like come across a dark grey faux fur that has a 3inch fur length, recently?

If you have, please point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance.~

P.s. The 'style' of fur that I would really adore would be almost sleek and soft.
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Looking for fur...

Yessh. Another fur question, sorry. xD
Anyway - Hi, ya'll. Long time lurker here. -waves paw-

I'm looking for someone who's willing to sell me some of their leftover Light/Baby Blue Luxury Shag Fur (I believe it's also called 'Punky Muppet' or 'Promo Shag' by some of the other online fabric stores).
This is the fur I'm looking for:
I only need a small 50 x 75 cm piece (wich is approx. 20 x 30 inches).

Every online fabric store I came across sells this fur by the yard. And since I live in Europe, the shipping costs would get a bit too expensive (shipping prices cost even more than the fur fabric itself). D:
And since I only need just a small piece of it, I figured it'd be best to ask if someone sells
this fur to save myself some money, haha. ^_^;

So, yeah, if there's someone out there willing to sell, that'd be amazing. <3
-crosses fingers-
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