October 1st, 2011

Parade Sole ..please help

I would really like to make some durable rubber soles for the bottom of fursuit paws, but im having trouble knowing what would last.

My ideal thing i want to do is to create a complete sole with pawpads attached to it, either attaching them separately or included into the mold.
I have been looking around for answers and im struggling to find which is the most durable rubber/material to use.

Eva foam is the last thing i tried, and it was easily worn down. i have tried coating it in layers of latex, but it just peeled away.

Polyurethane rubber is something that im considering, though I have read it contains a lot of toxic chemicals in the vapors.
However If it is strong enough (the one i saw has a shore of 60A) I will just wear PPE, I like the idea of being able to tint them any colour.

Addition cure silicone is another thought, but if i made the entire sole out of it, I would need a very secure way of attaching them to the paws,
i heard of something like a silicone glue would work better than shoe goo? I'm still concerned that it will fall off, and that silicone might not be the most durable substance for walking on paving.

Latex is the material that im leaning towards because not only is it safer to use, but it holds a lot of grip and can stick very well to other materials. My doubts are if it is strong enough and how long would it take me to add enough layers for a thick sole.

any extra knowledge or advice is very much appreciated, and if you have any experience with any of these rubbers, do you have any examples?

kind thanks in advanced


Distinctive Fabrics

Has anyone tried the new husky/wolf fur at distinctive fabrics? Just wondering if they've been used on suits yet, what the quality is, and how they look! 

And if you've used them, could you post a picture? I'm really interested in using them for a pair of satyr legs. Thanks guys :D
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Completely new to this... Help on making fox mask for costume?

Hi, I really hope I get some help I'm extremely clueless... I want to make a costume for halloween based on Renard, which I'm not sure everyone is familiar with... He's an alias of a music producer known as Renard Queenston (I love his music). It is a bit difficult to find a good picture of Renard, he's a fox nurse :) You can look up Renard Queenston on Google and he should come up, he is recognizable LOL. For the costume body, I was thinking just a nurse costume and a natural or faux fox tail on it.  As for the head... I wanted to be more creative and try and make some sort of deluxe mask. Maybe furry? Although I was thinking paper clay or something... TBH I have no experience whatsoever in making masks or these types of crafts... I'm more of a paper pencil girl :3 Although I have sculpted before... I tried looking for a cheap plastic fox or wolf mask, but they were all the wrong shape for the head... :( I want to make it look as good as I possibly can for a mask, seeing as it's not going to be the full head... I do want the ears to be furry though, but it might look odd if the rest of the face of the mask isn't furry... On another note... I was thinking of buying a costume rasta (sp?) hat and cutting off the dreads on it and adding them to the mask to save some time on that part, I was thinking they would cover the back of my head too. Thanks for reading :) I really am excited, but going into this with cold feet... As for feet and legs of the costume?... I have no idea....
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