October 2nd, 2011

  • leepyr

New with Questions

Well, I'm new to the fursuiting community, as I'm now taking on the challenge of creating a partial fursuit of the lovely fursona you see in my userpic. {stripes is her name, by the way}

And, I'm completely lost as to a few things.

Can I make eyes out of cardboard, and just cut out the black? If not, what can I do to see out of them that is cheap and effective?
Can I make a nose out of cardboard, and if so, how?
Can I make a paper mache nose? {a teacher advised me of this, as it's cost-effective and I can make it at home, but it would take multiple days}

Is brushing your fur advisable before/after making? Should I brush the fur while sewing? Is gluing the fur acceptable? Can I glue fur to duct tape or just a plain shoe? What kind of brush is good for brushing faux fur without tearing it out? What is a good way to paint a few stripes onto fur?


I'm sorry if I'm not supposed to ask so many questions in one post, I'll gladly string them out.

Please, some help?

feet paws, paw pad material?

I have a pair of paws ive made myself... But Im not sure whats best for the pawpads. I have them as just foam right now. 
Im about to go see it lowes has any malleable plastics that will hold up to running around.
Any suggestions?

I know most use a silicone of some sort. 
Would silicone hold up to walking on concrete?

  • leepyr

Hot Glue Question

Well, since I can't really hot-glue fur to my shoes, and I'll be wearing them for multiple hours on one day, I was wondering, if I were to scotch-tape some newspaper onto the shoes, or duct tape them from beneath, and then hot-glue the fur to the newspaper, would it stay onto it? (And I'll probably duct-tape the newspaper to the bottoms, as well.)