October 3rd, 2011

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Allo! A Quick Question

Hello. This is my first time fursuiting and I'm in need of some help. My partial fursuit requires me to use short, matted gray colored fur. The good thing is that I have short fur! But it's white. >.<; I've been spray painting it with a gray primer that you use fake flowers as well as wood and the like and it's been giving me this dull, rough texture that I like.

The problem is that I've been trying to hide the seams of the fake fur and it hasn't been going all that well... short fur is very unforgiving. I've been using a hot glue fun and pinching the seams close together and that seems to be working. But does anybody think it's better to sew the fur onto the foam or continue doing what I'm doing?

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DGM Donuts

New DF 3.5 inch pile shag

Edit: Reviews from those who've bought the fur say it's kinda junky - sparse and can see the backing :(
AKA: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I honestly don't know if this was seen yet, or not, by those without the DF email updates - or if this was already old news.... but they now have a longer pile. Original extra long pile = 3"; now they have 3.5" pile called "Monkey shag" o_O; They brought it out in time for Halloween. Black and White are the currently available colors.

'You thought the Extra Long Shag was long, at 3.5" pile this is our longest shag to date. Great for Fur suit, jackets or as trim.'
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beastcub beast fursuit

Tons of tails

        MANY more under the cut

the white unicorn and clouded leopard have braided wire cores so they sway and bounce and are poseable. The fox is for sale, I am hoping for $100 for a tail that size, it is filled with pillow fluff.

I am currently open for tail commissions, email me at thebeastcub@gmail.com

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Dry brushing tip

I dunno if this is helpful to anyone, but I was doing some heavy dry brushing over the past couple days and had a little trouble with crunchy spots and overall lack of fluffy *that is a technical term I believe*. Anywhoo I diluted some fabric softener in a clean spray bottle and lightly dampened the surface *after the paint dried*  and brushed it through with a larger toothed comb until it dried a bit and slicked it out. You know what, it works like a charm!
Rame pfffftttt

New Distinctive Fabric fur review's

I've been seeing people ask about these so I thought I'd post this up (hopefully it's alright). Also let me know if this is too big and I'll plop it behind a cut!

I didn't pay too much attention to the newsletters DF sends out but I poke through the site every so often, so when I saw the news one's I ordered some swatches. Click on the images for a link to the gallery of HUGE pictures! All photos are right off my camera and untouched.

Husky Fur Gray

This is some very nice fur, the 'tufts' are a different texture than the rest of the fur so it really makes a neat look and movement. Decently soft, semi-thick fur but not terribly bunky, on par with the shags I'd guess. The color on this is amazing! dark dark gray base fading out to white/cream, the tufts are the same fade but are about an inch longer than the rest of the fur and have varied black tips.

Sasquatch Fur mixed

Ohh this fur! I have all kinds of love over this fur! VERY thick fur, really really thick fur base (you have to work to get down to the backing). Sorta soft but it has more of a realistic texture. The long 'tips' are lighter and move really well. The color variation on this! I couldn't name all the colors in this if I tried, grays, so many browns, blacks.. I highly suggest getting a swatch of this!

Wolf fur
Striped and normal

Normal wolf: pretty fur, kinda the standard stuff. Good coloration, standard thickness. Darker base with lighter tip, some black tips, very soft.
Striped wolf: Another really pretty fur though I can't speak to how it looks in larger pieces. Medium thickness, soft texture, fairly tick (have ti dig to get to the backing). Some of the fur is a different texture than the rest which lends well to a more realistic look (same with the husky and Sasquatch).

Monkey Shag

Just don't.. This fur is odd. The pictures make it look neat on the website but really it's not that great.. The fur is in sparse clumps and you can see the backing easily. Might be good for accents or something you aren't using large patches of.

I also got samples of the Brandy fox fur and some others if anyone is interested in those let me know