October 4th, 2011


Buckram visibility

So I finally added the screening to my Urabrask the Hidden head (where his 'mouth' is), and well... I'm having a really hard time seeing when it's on. I used unicorn buckram from Joann's, which seemed like it'd be okay to see through (looking through it without the head was fine), but when it's "installed" on the head itself it gets really difficult to see in very high or low light situations.

I haven't painted the buckram yet, but it'll be a coppery color like the rest of the costume. Will painting the buckram help or should I try a different material? I've heard some good things about mesh.

Sorry if this gets asked a lot. This is my first suit and I'm still leaning the basics. orz

resin blanks

Does anyone have any WIP pics of their own resin mask castings? I know to sculpt the design with clay over the plastic head model, but when it comes to casting im just a beginner. I didn't see much of anything in memories.
Also, what kind of resin do you usually use?
beastcub beast fursuit

Fennec Fox


Vision is out the mouth, under the jaw and under the eyes.

This took me longer than normal, I think it was because I had to be so careful with the ears and it was an "alternate vision port" head.

The face is a tad washed out in the full body shots (overcast weather = washed out photos) see the close ups for the mask's proper coloration

I was afraid the black eyes would come out scary, I think I avoided that :)

Some say it looks mousey but, well fennec do look a bit mousey, especially the pups http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_kq6r3pYG0A1qzvqipo1_500.jpg  and I think part of the reason people make the mouse relation is because this was made in a similar way to the hazel dormouse I did.

The order was for the head and tail, the paws are mine so don't mind the rebel foot claw (them feet are old, like 2008 old)

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The Safety Yardage?

For my Mightyena quadsuit, I'd like to know how many yards is on the safe side. I'm pretty much buying these two furs : http://www.syfabrics.com/View.aspx/Long-Pile-Shaggy-Fur/Black-Shaggy-Fur/262/186 and http://www.syfabrics.com/View.aspx/Long-Pile-Shaggy-Fur/Gray-Shaggy-Fur/3550/186 . With my last quad, I just bought all the yards they had, which was about 5. I messed up part of the body suit and had to scrap from that to finish the head. I really want to be safe on this suit just because of the failures I had with my first one.

Also, just a quick question, has anyone used this fur before on a suit? : http://www.syfabrics.com/View.aspx/Stretch-Ultra-Soft-Cuddle-Fur-1-8--Pile/Navy-Ultra-Fur/927/189

Should I shave this or not?

Hello all! I checked memories for advice on this but couldn't find any. Sorry if I missed something!

So I'm making a fursuit for the first time, and would like to at least have a head done by Halloween. I'm making a raven, and here's a basic sketch of what I'm going for:


My problem is that ravens have those shaggy throat hackles (which translate more into chest feathers on me), and other parts of their body also have long feathers. They have shorter feathers for the most part though. Being completely new to this, I'm not sure how to combine the two. Do I buy both long pile and short pile and sew them together as needed? How would I hide the seams if so? Or do I buy some nice pet grade electric shavers and trim where I need to? In the case of the body that's damn near all of it. What would you guys do?

Also, how on earth am I going to do those bristles?

Also, also, anyone got any experience with Distinctive Fabric's "Extra Long Hair" fur?