October 8th, 2011

Yeah.... Another one of those topics...

Its another one of those "How many yards" topics, I seached memories and couldn't really find what I wanted. I was thinking of making a 3/4 suit with "Stompy" feet/legs.
Like these suits, but only the below the waist:

So, I understand the concept of making the feet, but I'm not sure how much fur would be needed, I aready have a partial so all I'd be making is new footpaws and the halfsuit.

How do you store your fur?

So right now I have an over-abundance of fur because I've gone OOOOH that looks purdy, and purchased enough for 4 fullsuits, (two of which are started, one which won't be started because the event was cancelled). The point is - I've got a large amount of fur that will be sitting around for a long time. At the moment, 4 yards are hanging from the hanging rail in my closet, and the remaining 10 or so yards are in a neatly folded pile that I put on my bed when I'm awake, and throw on my tiled floor when I want to go to sleep.

So how does everyone else store their fur? Big plastic buckets? Thrown up the top of their closet? On top of the bookshelf? Under the bed? Wound around sticks or cardboard or something?

The system (if you can call it that) I have is working, but as I won't be using at least 1/2 of the fur for ages, a permanent storage solution would be awesome.


Tried looking in memories but couldn't find anything that would help -- I might be shipping a head sometime soon, but she has pretty big ears, and while they're made of foam and should be pretty durable, I'm afraid they're going to get crushed or I don't know what. I've never shipped a head before, and the big ears make this experience even more scary.

Any tips on how to ship an oddly shaped head like this, outside of getting a big box? Any special way to pad the interior or place the head so there is the least amount of damage possible?

Curving plastic with heat, and fursuiting at cons?

Sorry, it's me again. >.<

I bought some lovely thick plastic for my toony fursuit eyes, but... It's flat. The plastic is kind of bendy, but not quite enough to use. Would there be any way of heating it up or something to bend the plastic? Because flat toony eyes don't look so good...

Also. Fursuiting at a non-furry con. The first non-fur con I plan on going to is an anime con, and is not all that massive (As far as anime conventions go) with little over 9000 attendees in the previous year. I went last year (Not in a suit) and the security was fantastic, and I did see 1 or 2 fursuiters... So, I think I'd be fine, but is there anything I should look out for? Also, would suiting at a Comic-con be ok as well? Or is a furry there totally out of place?

Thanks! :3
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Balaclava Squishing My Nose! :P

So after some frustration with the bulkiness of plastic mesh, I've switched my head over to balaclava. And I have to say, it's a relief. :P Working with plastic mesh was really hard for me, but having a balaclava to work off of is sooo much better... At least so far. I've got the elastic on for the moving jaw already, no problems with that yet... But the one problem I do have, that my balaclava I got is pretty tight on me... It's not a big deal, really, except it's squishing my nose down. And. It's. Driving. Me. MAD. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's having my nose touched, squeezed, or bothered in any manner. Does anyone know of a way to take the pressure off my nose?