October 9th, 2011

Finished Silver partial!

I has finished her! I just got back from FurJam yesterday, and she was a hit! :3


The paws... were not made by me lol. They're neko gloves, because I wouldn't have had time to make gloves. XD

This is my third ever head, and she will be a fullsuit soon enough. :D

EDIT: Materials used:
Mendels punky muppet black and white
Mendels Alaskan Wolf (grey)
Fimo for nose and teeth
Felt for lips, ears and tongue
Plastic half-domes with a picture of a fox eye glued behind them
Plaster clay for shell/skull (this actually works very well!)
Elastic for moving jaw
Plastic canvas for the ear liners
Regular plasticine for eyelids

How to Dry Brush Fur?

Hey guys,

I tried Googling 'How To's and Tutorials and the like, but I came up with nothing on how to actually dry brush fur.

I'd be using acrylic paint and an unknown type of white faux fur.
Don't worry; the 'partial' I'm making is just so I can figure out how to do things so if the fur gets wrecked, I won't mind. c:

So, here's the question: how would someone normally go about dry brushing acrylic paint onto a faux fur? Is there a specific way to make sure the paint doesn't come off? And, of course, would it wreck my brushes? ( I have some fairly good quality brushes I use to paint on canvas with- should I use some that I wouldn't mind getting grungy? )

Thanks in advance.

2 weeks of insanity..

Hey all, long time no see!

Work is doing a community Halloween event and you guessed it, I'm doing the fursuiting thing again, or at least, attempting to. I've just successfully cast two prosthetic muzzles (rathe one, but two pieces) and I'll be trying to fit it soon. In the event that it doesn't work, since I'm running on limited funds, time and supplies, I've got some questions.

1- Oil clay sculpting a fursuit head face, then casting it into plaster and then using a thick coating of latex before furring over it.. Will it work? If not, why? (I've seen people doing duct tape shells on here before, so it got me thinking- and my prosthetic is rock hard in the thicker-poured areas.) Also, do I -need- to do a face/head cast with alginate first to make a plaster head from which to sculpt on, or is that optional? I'm going for a fursuit head with a moving mouth.

2- Where the heck can I find some decent short-pile black fur for arms/paws? I've got: Michael's, a 24-hr Walmart, AC Moore... if I buy from fabric.com , will it get to me this week and will it be of decent quality? I also need good shaveable white fur. I'm making a fox head which will later be a personal fursona suit face.

Thank you! I'm getting really nervous here. Past attempts to craft a fursuit head have failed horribly and now I'm doing it again with a deadline. :D
leopard head

Dry Brushing As-I-Know-It Explaination

Ok so I've noticed that this question seems to crop up alot and then the journals magically disappear a few days later. "How do I dry brush?" or something similar is driving me up walls in my head so I've now made a video attempting to explain what I know. EDIT-  To quote karthegrax</lj> "For all extensive purposes it's dry brushing, as the distinction on this community is really: dry brushing = using a brush (regardless of whether you add water or not), air brushing = using an airbrush." That gives a little more understanding of the term really so a huge thank you to Karthegrax.
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Also somehting I forgot to say but it was generally assumed- you should pobably have your furring and trimming DONE before you paint.

If anyone finds this helpful then I think I've done my duties.

EDIT: A few links I forgot to include originaly but put in the video decription-

The beetlecat vid that I breifly mentioned in the beginning was-

also I beleive Fatkraken in LJ does some dry brushing when he makes a head.
http://fursuit.livejournal.com/1334914.html This is where I learned that one can indeed highlight as well as make shadows with this method.