October 10th, 2011

Fabric.com Ivory + White Shag.


So which one is the pure white, and which one is the off-white? I'm assuming white and ivory respectively, but I figured I'd ask anyway.

Also, what's the "Soft Fur" eg. http://www.fabric.com/apparel-fashion-fabric-faux-fur-fabric-soft-fur-fabric-soft-fur-solid-winter-white.aspx
like compared to beaver? http://www.fabric.com/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductID=7c99fc46-bd41-4bff-9a06-ab1b70c1a713&CategoryID=43b49d2d-4059-4214-a2be-49b16838bc3c

I know beaver's really nice and soft, and I'm not sure how bad this other stuff is given its only like $7/yard

I ordered some swatches at the start of the year, and I think I have a light blue "soft fur" one that's just been labelled wrongly as plush faux fur (feels more plastic and less soft than the other "plush faux fur"), but I'm not sure as they no longer have any short pile light blue (that I can see).

The dreaded "looking for fur" post

Hello ladies and gentlemen and others! I'm looking for fur recommendations. I've been shopping around for a week or two now, and I still can't find one I really like... so I figured getting some input from the community would be a good option.

I'm looking for something dark and olive green, or maybe green/grey or ticked black/green, and I'd prefer it a touch on the long/shaggy and realistic side. I've shopped around at all the main places for buying fur, so I'm looking for more unusual places to shop or pics of furs in these colors in action.

Thanks all!

1/4 inch foam.

Has anyone worked with 1/4 inch foam for a head base before?

I don't currently have a mannequin head for working on balaclava, so I figure this would be the "next best thing". The last foam based head I worked with used 1-inch foam, and the result ended up being a near mascot-sized head. I have some 1/2 inch as a back-up, but I'm just curious if it'll hold well enough. If not then I can see using it for ears or horns or something.

Secret Identity Revealed!!!


I'm working on a camel head. As I've found that RL camels have prominent eyelashes, I want to make sure I add them to the costume. Question is: Is there something that any of you folks use when you make eyelashes? Or does everyone just use the mass-produced eyelash material that they make for dolls? I've nothing against the doll stuff, but I'm looking for something other than black, and without so much "curl" in it.

Thanks in advance!
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