October 13th, 2011


bad symmetry

dies the creation of symmetical things come natural and innate in people? are there some who may never get it? i want to try to make a head so bad, but even if I make it to 9 heads, they will be all lopsided/funky.

how long have you here been working on yours? how long did it take?
are you just natrualy good at making things even?

cutting, and placing, and gluing, sewing.

I don't think I'll ever really get it easy. are their no brainer tricks? what if my brain is not wired right? is there any hope for me?

what do you do? how do you do it. it looks so "hard".

Fabric Empire Silver Polar Bear Fur?

I saw this fur on Fabric Empire and it looks perfect for a project. I can't seem to find where I can purchase swatches (or if they even offer them), so I wanted to know what your guy's thoughts on the Silver Polar Bear Long Pile Fur? (Not sure if this is one of the newer furs mentioned in the post beneath me).


  • xnae

Those with padded suits...

How long does it take for you to put on your suit? Please also include if the padding is loose, added to a legging/undersuit, sewn into the suit itself, or something else. Just being curious. C:

Edit: ha, wow 5 minutes for some...I'm spending atleast 10 minutes fighting with the padding. :C I should figure out something for it.

My furst Fursuit head!

So I got it done just in time for Frufright tomorrow. Just gave the inside and outside a quick spritz with the Febreeze fabric stuff what kills the bacteria and crap. Being that it's my first head, it's definitely been a learning experience. There are definitely things I'd do differently and in the future I'll probably do a completely different approach.

The head was done with a plastic canvas and foam base, which I will probably never use again for a feline head. The dreadlocks are from a wig I tore apart and used where I wanted it and the rest of the ponytail is yarn. The front "bangs" are obviously faux fur that has been airbrushed black with the aqua undertones for a psuedo frosted look and the goggles are homemade as well. : ) Ears were done separate to the head. NEVER AGAIN will I do that. It was terrible trying to attach them.

That being said, I don't think I did too poorly for my first time ^_^

My 1st fur suit

Okay im new to livejournal and new to making fur suits.. as the subject says this is my 1st fur suit.. im making a partial.. I have the base of the head, hand, and sock paws done.. Im wonder if anyone can help me with a few things so i cant finish my suit..  I need help with making a moving jaw.. ive looked at tutorials but I cant find one that really explains to me what to do.. also im really confused on how to fur everything.. and how to cut the patterns out and what not.. and I really need help with how to dry brush fur or any other easier way to color fur..I also am confused on how to attach eyes, and what to use to see through.. Sorry for all the questions but if anyone can help me or point me towards some good tutorials id really appreciate it.. thanks :)

Heres some pics of my fur suit so far.. id love some input.. but please be nice..its my 1st time making something like this.. 

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Fur Questions

Hey there guys, I starting a project and I'm looking for a toffee brown/gold colour of fur. On my last suit, (the gryphon) I ordered 'Camel' coloured fur from Fabric Empire, and it is very light, and under the sun it actually looks white. Below are two examples of camel fur, and they look very similar, however like I said, the FE fur is much lighter than they say. So my question is: Is FE fur the same as DF fur? If so, then do you know of a fur that best suits the dark golden camel colour that I'm looking for? Thanks for your help! 

  FE Camel

  DF Camel 

Here is a much more accurate example of FE Camel fur

beastcub beast fursuit

Are sergers really worth it?

Serger vs a regular sewing machine, are seams that much more durable? Or do the seams just look more clean when done with a serger? From what I understand sergers are a must for working professionally with fabric that frays or stretches....but neither applies to fake fur.

PS: At the moment I have a normal machine (A $500 one) and I do the first run with a straight stitch and then I sew the seam allowance together with a zig zag stitch.