October 14th, 2011

I need some critique on my sculpt

Hello everyone this is my first time posting, been somewhat of a lurker and this past week I've started a couple of fursuit projects.  I started sculpting myself a feline base for casting; but I don't feel it looks right. I'm really bad at sculpting and anatomy so i'm in need of some critique on it; i'm trying to get it as realistic as possible.
I Know the right side and left side have different grins, so I will be fixing that.  Thank you everyone for taking your time and helping me!
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glove molds/fillers

I'm casting horns with a glove mold method using clear cast, do I still need to use a release agent if the mold is silicone? The horns aren't terribly huge and the mold is thick, do you guys think I should make a mother mold or is that redundant?

As for fillers I'm getting contradicting reports: 50% or 30% (ure-fil), oh and no it's not for the clear cast :) . Does adding filler change any steps in the process (viscosity, cure time).

Thanks <3
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I think I need to add them to my back area, everything is form fitting and done, and this is the last are I need to take in. It's weird because on the front it looks fine but on the back it's all baggy? So I guess I need to add darts, but I'm not sure how. I've looked through the memories but I couldn't find what I was looking for and the tuts I found on google kept going "fold like shown in your pattern instructions" which is not helping...Because I'm using my own pattern. :C I can't find good ref images either, so any help is appriciated!
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How to trim fur with scissors?

Sorry for posting again, but I'd really like to finish my feet paws before the rest of my fur gets here xD

How do you go about trimming fur with just regular scissors? I'm aware that most people use some sort of pet-hair trimmers (can't think of a better name right now), but I don't really have the cash to spare for those atm, especially since this is the only suit I'll ever make.
Do you cut at an angle or something? What's the best type of scissors to use? I just don't wanna screw this up, haha. Right now I'm trimming around the toes to give them more definition, but of course I'll eventually need to trim the head.

Thanks! <3

Oh, and if anyone is curious as to what my head looks like now:

Wayy better than that piece of crap I posted here frequently a couple years ago...so embarrassed of that now... .//.
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Anyone heard of this online fur shop?

Yes, I'm posting here again but I just found this site with some really gorgeous looking furs I wanted to share. It seems a bit pricey but it's dooable for markings and whatnot, just shipping may be a bit more than asusual if you live in the USA - as this shop seems to be UK. Which is actually a plus side if you're in Europe/UK, because even tho the fur is expensive you make the money back on shipping. :P

Anyhow, anyone ever heard of them before?


Faux to fox?

I had a question to everyone, mostly on their opinion towards this subject. I have a personal suit I'm wishing to make and have a large amount of DF black fur and some MM fox, but not quite enough for a full. I also have a rather large surplus of REAL furs. Mostly rabbit dyed black (given to me in a gift box. They are old coats that have been taken apart) but I also have some bear, buffalo, and a few other black furs. All of these furs (apart from the rabbit as the origins of that is unknown to me) have been humanely harvested from animals either roadkill, shot for food and meat, or died of natural causes. None of my pelts have been harvested from animals shot for sport or waste.

My question is this. Would it be bad to make a fursuit out of some of this? I'm aware of the extra care that would be needed and the added heat that would be included as real fur with a leather backing does not breathe whatsoever so I was mostly thinking on the forearms, neck (will have an extended neck) and maybe on the shoulders. to help with the heat in thicker places I was thinking of adding vents, but I'm still playing around...

All pretty low stress points but all high hug points. I have thought of those people that may be allergic, but would they be allergic to tanned fur as well? How offensive would this be to someone if I did this? I am mearly asking for opinions and am not looking for drama so please be nice, I am only curious...