October 15th, 2011


looking for fur -- other options for making heads

Sorry, I have so many questions -- and I do apologize because I know I don't always reply to every answer that I get -- I swear I appreciate all input that I receive!!

Anyway -- a while back I posted some interest about perhaps using fleece for a body suit. I did this in response to seeing a body suit that someone recently made out of fleece. I really like the look of it, but now it seems after hearing people talk back and forth about it, is that it will be super hot -- the exact opposite of what I want. ><

So, basically -- just wondering what is best to use if I want to keep cool? Is fake fur the best way to go? Is there any other sort of material that would be good for a fursuit, and is more breathable than the typical fur? What about antron fleece? Someone mentioned to me that might be a good idea, but I've never heard of it being used for a bodysuit before. I also read someone said they used shorter fur for a suit, and they seemed happy with the results.

ALSO. I'm still avoiding foam. I'm just curious, is there anything else out there that people cut/sew/glue together (besides mesh and foam) for heads? I know I'm being difficult, just curious. I was considering using the thickest foamies I could, but it sounds like they wouldn't be durable enough for that.

Thanks again! I know that was long-winded.
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Attaching Eyes

I'm making a head base based off of Matrice's tutorial, using plastic canvas and foam.

So, I have almost everything in Plastic Canvas now except for the eyes, which I made using plastic bowls.

So, would I attach them before foaming and/or furring, or after foaming/after furring?

Transporting to conventions?

Well, a group of my friends and I will be attending the 15th Aniverisary of Anime Central in Rosemont, IL. We live about 45- 1 Hour away from there. We will actually have 2 quadsuits, about 5 people ( 7 if we include my brother and his friend) and about 7 or 8 costumes ( Mightyena, Absol, and maybe a fullsuit of Stripe.). We actually only have one big car ( A 2002 Oldsmobile Silhouette Mini-van http://imganuncios.mitula.net/2004_oldsmobile_silhouette_gls_van_93585613383879507.jpg ) It's the only big car we really have, it tends to be bigger if we remove the middle sections seats, so then there's about 5 sill left in the car. But, still, how would you all transport multiple suits to a con?
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Hot Glue Gun Failure????

My hot glue gun worked perfectly before when working with plastic canvas. I made my lion head and decided I didn't like the way it felt on my head and so scrapped it for my now all foam wolf head. I wanted more support for my upper jaw in the head and attempted to hot glue plastic canvas that went from in between the eyes to inside the muzzle. For some absolutely unknown reason, the hot glue gun had MELTED the plastic canvas. This has never happened before. I decided that it must be some sort of fluke with the hot glue gun and let it sit for a while so it could hopefully sort it's self out. I came back and tried again. I was more careful this time and it didn't melt as much. I am worried that the melted plastic canvas will be weaker near the melted hot glue spot and either come away from the foam easier, or tear easier. I am still using this glue gun for the time being, until I can either get a new hot glue gun, or some how fix the problem at hand. The hot glue gun is a Roseart glue gun I got at target, and I got the hot glue sticks from Joann's. Their the high temp. kind, because they are the only ones I could find that would fit the glue gun. I hope I didn't really screw up this time!


Just found out this morning that my dog has fleas, and has had them for quite some time.
Now, we haven't noticed any around the house or on our other pets, but it's certainly a possibility and we're looking to get stuff to put around the house.

Now, currently I have a big bin of fur and a box of tails I'm making in the living room (where the dog spends a lot of time) and I was planning to sell them at a convention at the beginning of next month. I'm worried about fleas getting in there, and what sort of damage they could do, if any? Does anyone have any experience with this?

I also have 3 fursuits in my closet in my room, the door is always closed and the dog never goes in there, but still, is there anything I should know about caring for them as well? I really don't want my suits to be infected... x__x

Anyways, basically just wondering if anyone here has any experience with dealing with fleas. Thanks!

Foot bottoms?

(First off... there's no memories section for feet??)

I know I saw it somewhere, and I can't find it, someone uses some kind of recycled rubber mats from WalMart for their feet? I was just curious what material I could use for the soles that is cheap (like...$5 or less...) and that could be found at a store like WalMart. Any and all help would be appreciated!

Also, shoe goo? Is it worth it? and how much does it usually cost?

Attaching Resin Eyes

I have looked under the "eyes" memory section with not much success. I was wondering how you uys attach Resin eyes to a balaclava head base? Do I need to do it before furring? Also, If i put in the resin eyes....where do I see from. I have noticed some people carve out parts near the eyes (tear ducts i think they were called) and use a material to cover it. Can I just use plastic canvas and glue the eyes on that?