October 16th, 2011

Tails- I have a problem.

Hey there,
I searched all the memories and what not, but I can't find what I need to know.

So, I'm making a 'proto-type' partial type thing. I started it with some left over faux fur that has been lying around for like 3 years.
In the end it's not wide enough to cut into two patterns but it's capable of being folded into a tail like shape- it'll look silly but it'll work.

The only problem I have is the end. Because I can't sew two patterns together I don't know how to go about sewing up the 'tip' or 'bottom' to make it look like a feline tail ( which is what I'm going for ).

Does anyone have any idea for how I can make the 'tip' rounded, without catching the fur in the seams? Or should I just give up and make a little tail I can make from a small pattern that would fit on the fur I have?

Any advice would be appreciated, and if there IS a tutorial out there, point me to it, please!

Thank-you in advance.~
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Horse Tail?

This is my first time asking and normally I don't ask if I can go look something up.   So alright I know I looked up How to make a Horsetail...so there are not tutorials as far as I can see. This doesn't bother me if I just want to make a natural horse colored tail as I can just buy horse extensions and they come ready to be attached.   I mean I went ahead and got some human hair extension from Sally Salon.  Why cause its better when I can see what I'm buying two I want blond hair for dyeing reasons even though if I look out there I'm sure I can find what I'm looking for. Its time constraints, and I'm not a very tall person, plus I like to do research on history with customers.

Any one has knowledge on this subject and can give me advice...even for future reference that would be awesome.  I would like to go ahead and thank in advance for any help. ^_^

For my plans now I plan to sew the hair extensions attache a elastic for belt loop then probably wrap a rope and/or ribbon probably use some adhesive and then hopefully it will turn out they way I hope. 

Honestly I'm kinda surprised there isn't something out there yet, maybe I just don't know how to look.

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Making fur soft and lush again. Possible?

I was just sewing a tail made with distinctive fabrics new "Husky" fur. It was almost near impossible for me to tun it inside right again because it is such a lush and thick pile fabric. Once I did, I noticed the fur wants as soft as before I had sewn it. I am thinking during my difficulty of trying to tun it inside right again, there must of been some rough friction. The end result was the fur came out matted and stiff feeling, even after the initial combing I do with all y tails after turning the inside right again.

Has this happened to anyone else before? Do you have any tips on how to make the fur feel super soft again? Could I condition the fur somehow?
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Barbie useful to Fursuiters?


But if you are one of the many with a 'sparkle' character, this might be an idea for you!
I was lazying about watching tv when a commercial came on for 'Barbie Printable Hair' extensions.... and this is what I immediately thought of.
The extensions aren't very long, but it seems like a neat idea to be able to 'print' a pattern onto an extension and be able to work it into the 'hair' of a suit for that needed hot pink, zebra, leopard print stripe or what-have-you. It's basically doll hair and acts the same (in limp fashion) but still might add a little 'something' to your everything.

check it out :o


thicker material?

hi all,

im curious to what material i could use instead of a thin cotton to cover over sillicone paw pads?
the trouble i am having is the way the silicone soaks right through the cotton making it impossible to glue to paws (unless you use a special glue)
Personally i prefer to sew them, but i would like to give the option for customers to glue them in if they wanted.
Any tips on how to avoid it soaking all the way through but enough so that it fuses to the material?

I tried using a fusible backing, like bondaweb, but it would still soak through. Do i wait until the silicone is half cured?

also, im in the process of making a tutorial on sewing pawpads as it might be useful...stay tuned :)

thank you for your time

A little inspiration! (plus lemur suit updates)

All of you must get your inspiration from somewhere, please link me to photos of your favorite costumes! Super-toony stuff is my favorite, but I'm interested in anything creative, so anything from toony to realistic, from pro mascot to first selfmade try, from partial to quad is nice to see!


I uploaded my fursuit folder to dropbox, it has quite a few photos of suits in it that I put in there because I really liked them or are interesting for some reason. It's very incomplete since I keep forgetting to save pictures of suits I like, especially recently. Some of these photos are already on my PC for years, so please correct me if any of the names are wrong. I'll keep the gallery online for a while.
(btw, most filenames don't have the maker listed, but feel free to ask, in most cases I know)

In other news, we've started working on the Sclater's lemur suits again, hoping they get done in time for Halloween! You can follow the progress here:
I still need to do a lot of carving but I hope to have the foam part of the heads done very soon. Feel free to comment/critique, though I'm not requesting redlines right now, they're very much under construction and I tend to work on one part at the time, repositioning the eyes constantly and such, so in some photos they look very wonky. I'm updating the blog pretty much daily with photos!