October 19th, 2011

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Fursuit Progress


Hi everybody. :) I've been posting to this community for a bit now, but this will be my first time to share something I've made on here. I want you all to tell me what I'm doing right/wrong so far. It's going to be a fox (Not the most original, I know, but I don't want to start off with anything too unusual. Also, foxes are cuuute!). It's actually one of my own characters, but I can't put up any pics of her yet, because my scanner's not working and my camera doesn't photograph drawings well at all... Sorry for the bad picture quality, it's 4:52 A.M here (I'm nocturnal, if you haven't noticed yet, lol)

Also, while I'm at it, I have a question about furring, if anyone knows the answer. When furring, do you need to have a seam allowance? What about if it's being sewn separately, then being slipped over the foam head and glued in place? Thanks for taking the time to read this text wall. ;)



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When sewing...

How much fo you sew your parts? As in, do you go over the seams twice, or maybe even three times? Or do you just reinforce stress areas?

Also, are you supposed to cut off the remainng seam allowance poking out of the backing or do you leave it be?
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My 'Small' and definately not Little Pony

So with the copyright thing.

I have some foam left over, enough to make a head and I want money for my fursuit head commission ( the head I want isn't a furry one, and is more difficult to sculpt, plus the person is hurting for cash...)

I wouldn't ask for a comission but I'd do either; Auction off the base for the buyer to finish OR Auction it off to be finished by myself but with the buyers design. I asked for popular animals and wolfs, bunnies and kitties came up as well as Ponies of the My Little kind.

If I made a based, vaguely in My Little Pony shape and auctioned this off, would it be ok? I have seen plushies of the ponies sold ( one recently for $2000+) and they've not gotten in trouble.

With the popularity of this damned ponies it would sell well.
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I got new supplies!!! Now what do I do with them!?!?

I just got back from JoAnns (mine isn't all that bad) and they didn't have any blue fur so I just got all fleece instead. I also got some red sculptys for Pepsi's nose and I have no idea how to make a nose texture on such a stiff substance. QUESTION TIME!!!!!

1. Do you sew fleece any different from fur? What about seam allowance?
2. How do you fleece a head with a moving jaw? Do you tack areas and sew the seams?
3. How do you make eyes from buckgram? From plastic bowls?
4. How do you make mistakes show up less using fleece?
5. What stitches do you use? How many times do you go over it and where? Please add a link to youtube, or a link to instructions!!
6. When furring/fleecing ears on a headband, do you fur/fleece the headband part?
7. How do you sew tight corners? Ex. The base of the ears, fingers, ect.

Please try to awnser the questions themselves, and not paragrahs. And number of the question.

If I have more questions, I'll reply to you.

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Trimming handpaws?

I seem to be blowing up this community with questions lately xD

I'm working on my handpaws atm, and it seems I didn't make my claws long enough D= They're almost completely covered by the fur. I was  thinking about trimming them...does anyone else do this? What should you trim exactly without losing the look of the long fur?

Skull Fursuit Head?

Hello all! First time posting here on LiveJournal, so I'll make this brief- I'm a young fursuiter who's making her 7th head, and her first full body digitigrade suit.
I'm making this: http://heartlesssarahcat.deviantart.com/#/d4d2ocx , but I don't know how to make the skull part of the head, or make it light enough to wear.

I spent HOURS last night on Van Dyke's looking at fox parts, but couldn't find anything.
Help? <3
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Why is Hot gluing heads bad?

Hello guys! So I have a question. When it comes to fursuit heads, a lot of people talk about how bad it is to hot glue seams. I've noticed people talking about how they wouldn't want their clothes glued together--and I agree! Hot glue would be a terrible way to make a body suit.

But why is it bad on heads? Any time I see anyone hot glue a head it seems almost like a death sentence to the other makers. I don't get why, though. I mean I under stand that it's bad on body suits because they're constantly being stressed and worked in different ways as you move, but the fur on the head is glued down to foam or a balaclava, as a base so what's the big deal of lining up the fabric? Especially if you do it well enough that it's almost perfectly edge to edge? I mean some pieces I don't see seams all but that could be because my eyes are super untrained. =)

I don't mean to come across as challenging, but I really do want to know why it's better to sew instead of glue. (Also when you attach the front of a fursuit face, even if you do hand stitch it together do you you leave the edges of the sides unglued so you can stitch the back of the head onto it, or is it generally okay to allow that to be a glued seam?)

Thanks for answering!