October 20th, 2011

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Nemesis the raverhound

Here is one of my latest creations...Nemesis the Resident Evil raverhound. He is the TG virus....yea...you know what virus im talking about you Resident Evil nuts XD

Nemesis was a joy to make....took longer than i thought....but a joy none the less. He features a moving jaw, glow in the dark claws and eye, and blue LED lights that run along the sides of the vial on his back. All of the spots are hand sewn...ugh....counted 50 total....but it was worth it!! *faints*

I really hope you guys love him as much as i do!! <3  Comments are always welcomed!!! =D

Looking for fur

Ok, so I'm in a little bit of a panic now.. I jumped online this morning to order some Distinctive Fabric "Beige" and they didn't have any. No biggie, right?

I've looked at pretty much every other place with the same result. Nobody has it in stock. (I just inquired about it at imstuffedfurs, but they've been kinda lazy about looking for furs in the past..)

So my question is, does anyone have about 2 yards (or maybe 2 and a half) of DF beige or the equivalent of it? I really need it for an upcoming project, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
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Questions again...

Hey all!

Edit: I need to sculpt the ears! How do I attach them to the head?? Do I stitch them onto the balaclava or the
resin mask?

I got padding but it's not helping too much.

Old post: I've gotten a resin blank from SaltyPuppy of FA (who is AWESOME), and I'm having some issues now that I've sculpted the muzzle and attached the elastic.

The back of the eyes land right on my eyebrow ridges for best vision. How can I pad this spot so it won't give me intense pain/headache-causing irritation when it's on?

And can I use superglue on foam? I also need to add some padding between the edge of the blank mask and my forehead since my features are pretty small.

Also, how soon can I paint Delight clay and Model Magic clay? Is it mandatory to wait the 24+ hours?

Another question; do I attach the ears to the side of the resin blank or do I attach the ears to the balaclava???

Thank you!

Which Stitch?

Hey guys! I'm in need of a little stitching advice.

I just finished making a prototype for my fullsuit using plain fabric and my sewing machine. So far, so good. I'm happy with the pattern. But now that I'm ready to go ahead and make the real thing, I find that I can't really make it the same way I made the prototype. The last time I tried to sew DF's long pile fur with my sewing machine, it ended up crying uncle and I had to hastily handstitch what I was working on (a small tail). I don't mind hand-stitching too much, and I know a lot (most?) fursuit makers seem to prefer it in general. I'm a little concerned about how time consuming it seems compared to my machine, but if I gotta, I gotta.

So this brings me to two questions: What stitch is best for fursuits? And, when hand-stitching, how much (if any) seam allowance to I need to leave? I have a feeling the latter question depends on the first. I'm unsure if the seams should come directly together with hand-stitching, or if there should be a fair allowance as with traditional garment sewing on a machine.

Any help you guys can offer would be much appreciated! <3

Help wanted!

Hello fellow suiters!

I am very new here, and I am working on my very first fursuit, so far I have made possibly the easiest things for the suit so far, the hand paws and the tail.  I am going to make the feet tomorrow.

My character right now that I am making is a cat.  
http://i56.tinypic.com/bg60kw.jpg  <  
Believe it or not, but it's a female.
I am also adding features to it so it doesn't look so plain. 

I have some problems and I need some help!

First problem, the teeth are bothering me, I want the front 2 teeth really long, like a saber toothed tiger
http://lh5.ggpht.com/mjbmeister/SGTxNa_3f3I/AAAAAAAAH9g/TkUpJtGmPKo/sabre-tooth-tiger-1.jpg  ), but I don't know what to use for the teeth, if I use clay it will be too heavy and fall right off!  What can I use for the long 2 saber teeth?  Where can I find a full teeth set for a big cat?

My second problem is the tail, I have made the tail so that it has elastic on it, I want my full fursuit to also act as a partial, how can I attach the tail with the elastic still on it to my body fursuit without anything showing?

My third problem is, I don't know how to start off with a head, ninja hood?  plastic canvas?  Foam?  etc?   I want to know the easiest way I can start off with!  I am also trying to make it a moving jaw, so which one would also be good for that?  

My fourth problem is,  my friend was dazzled by my fursuit paws and tail and wanted a set of her own, so I decided to make one for her,  I have all white fur and she wants a wolf set.  I bought fabric paint at walmart the other day and decided to use it on a sample square, very bad results, the fur clumped together ( I made sure to brush it out but sadly that didn't do anything), I followed a lot of guides and nothing seemed to work for me.  How do I paint faux fur?

^ I am also wondering how to paint faux fur because for my fursuit I have a lot of light blue areas, in which I have bought black and blue fabric paint. ^

Thank you to all who help me and I am sorry I am throwing a huge wall of text at you guys D;  

Problems with moving jaw

My first comission ever has arrived the new owner today. But there are some problems with the jaw I didn't expect.

Normally it looks like this

When she wears it the jaw is like this

When I wear the head (and a friend for test purpose it all looks normal and works fine.
So anyone has a clue where the mistake is? And how to fix it?

The head is a baclava foam base

blackcat front


Howdy again, everyone!
My husband found a couple youtube video tutorials on silicone mask making that I thought I might share here. I've noticed a lot of people becoming more interested in using silicone over latex, and in casting masks rather than carving out of foam. I know I personally have been a little too intimidated by all the steps involved in casting resin or latex masks, not to mention how easy it is for the casts to fail. I dunno, I'm just chicken like that. Oh right, I'm rambling...
ANYWHO, this method might not me ideal for most fursuit purposes, but I'm sure there are a handful of people out there who might be interested in using this method for creating silicone prosthetic pieces, or even incorporating it into rarsuits (zombie dogs, anyone?) :D Plus, with Halloween coming up...

Both masks were done in TWO hours! Crazy!