October 27th, 2011

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Grip material for paw palms?

I have a customer who plans to do martial arts and acrobatcis in his suit, I opted to skip hand paw pads and do the underside of the hands (finger and palms) in a black grip material... the thing is, just what do I use? It needs to be durable and help him not slip when doing like a handstand on a slick floor...

Any ideas? I thought about using a textured fake leather (after testing to see if it slips on a smooth surface first) but I think it would wear down too fast.
Then I was thinking maybe plastidip soaked cotton fabric?

PS washable would be good.

PSS I know that rubber paw pads would likely grip okay but I think the raised bump of them on ones hands while bearing weight would be not only uncomfortable but also maybe cause them to go off balance, that and cleaning fur around paw pads is a pain in the ass (and these will be white)

Glow Suit

So I haven't posted anything here in a LONG time, but I thought I'd show this off. I don't know if anything like this has been done before but, well, here it goes.

So this suit features huge chunky legs, massive feet, semi moving jaw, and 39 feet of glowing EL wire from thatscoolwire.com The wire glows on two setting, one on constant the other glows in time with music. A simple video can be seen here of the sound inverter in action:


If you have any questions on this suit or how it was made feel free to ask.

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Here's a question that will have multiple answers .. Just curious to see how other folks handle this :)

I have been handsewing my paws for ages now and am just now adapting my patterns to work with the machine. I am wondering how anyone else who machine-sews their paws deals with the fuzzy fur that is left inside of the paw from the seam allowance once you have trimmed the excess allowance out - the fur that pokes out of the seam on the inside of the paw, no matter how much you tuck and brush the fur out ;)

I've been brushing the outside of the paw, as well as the seam inside, to try and get all of that extra fur out of the seam so I can trim it off as I find it to be really uncomfortable between my fingers. I cut the fur out once I have brushed both sides of the paw seam, but I am thinking there has to be an easier way to deal with this. The paws are put together with a straight stitch.

Do you have this issue too? How do you resolve it? Or am I just super finicky? :)


ok so, ive been looking for websites that sell some interesting fur fabric...and i really havent found any. so i was just wondering if anyone had any websites or anything that could help me out =3 its mainly all one solid color and i would be interested in finding ones that are two-tone, etc as well.
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Padded hand paws D=


I just finished my handpaws:

Which I am extremely proud of but apparently I'm a derp and used the wrong type of glove >_<

They're padded, so I used this tutorial and did what it said, which is glue the foam on top of the glove, shape it, then fur it.
Well I just used one of those stretch winter gloves which apparenlty was bad, because I can NOT get both my hands into these!
I can do one alright, but I can't get the other on due to the limited dexterity of these things.
Nothing is too tight, my problem just lays on stretching the glove over my hand to get these on.

But I really, really don't
have time to redo them, so is there a quick fix? I'm thinking about
trying to sew the glove to the fur? Or is there some secret to putting
these on I don't know about?


tails and squeaky things!

First off, I want to say thanks for the advice on sewing spots. They helped a lot! Anywho, I'm going to be making some smaller odds and ends and I was wondering, is there any special way to put a squeaker into a tail? And, where do you guy that sort of thing anyway? Do you take them out of dog toy's, or can you just buy them?

Also, I don't like those elastic belt loops for tails, but I've seen a few people attach tails to clips. How do you attach the tail to the clip? It boggles my braaaaain.

okami fox costume help?

im new here and i dont really know my way around but i am thinking about constructing a ninetailed fox demon boss from okami.

 i haven't started on it yet but i drew out how i wanted it to look.


it's not a complete or actual fursuit just bits of it is

yes i know that evil rao is the original humanoid version of ninetails but i wanted to dress as the actual monster except not in a fur suit. And yes my drawing isn't all that good and i didn't colored it but here is the color scheme from the actual ninetails


i am kind of a novice at sewing but ive made just enough to get by and make a decent looking costume. 

the only problem i think i will have with this costume is making the tails. and making them stand up and also the fur feet.

how would i go about making the tails stand up like in my drawing? and what can i use? and also, how can i make the fur feet fur extend to my thighs and have them stay up there with out falling?

and what type of fabric do you think is best used for this project?

sorry if this is too long i just want to get eveything right & start early since the next convention isn't until march

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Casting from Plaster of Paris mold?

I am making a fursuit head by casting it for the first time! It's a pretty daunting task to me as I have never casted anything before. I have successfully made my mold of a tiger head from plaster of paris. Could I line the mold with some stretch tight and oil and pour in the resin from this stage? Or are there another few steps I need to take? I haven't seen anyone do it this way before and am wondering if there is a reason for that! xP

Lower jaw moves whole mask

So my beak and plastic canvas 'skull' are done and wonderful, and ready to fur soon. The jaw movement works well, but I've run into a slight, unforeseen problem.

I'll start talking and testing the jaw, and everything works fine, but when I close the mouth, it bumps the top beak and the mask upwards ever so slightly, until the top beak has raised enough so the bottom jaw won't connect anymore and the beak won't close all the way(it also moves the beak into my vision a little)!

The problem stops happening if I press my finger to the middle of the band around my head to keep it from moving and lacking the ability to bolt it to my forehead, I've tried reinforcing the back, but it doesn't seem to help much(and makes it harder to get on). the band on my head doesn't feel too loose or too tight, so what do I do? Has anyone else encountered this issue? It may be worth mentioning that the top beak doesn't actually butt up against my face at all, could that be the problem?