October 28th, 2011

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Fabric.com seal fur?

I'm starting a project that needs red and dark red/burgundy seal fur. I seem to remember someone saying fabric.com had a decent seal fur available a while ago but I can't seem to find it now (trying to take advantage of the sale now). I don't think it was the "Soft Fur Fabric"... am I just fabricating this memory?! @_@

how would i go about make a fur feet paw that stops mid thigh length?

without out it sliding down and falling off?


i want the paws to look like this but beige


but have the extra fur extending further up the leg


its not a great example that i have as of now in my drawing  but  in the hoof pic  i think they also added a zipper on it so you can slip in and slip out of it.

how did they even go about making this?

and couldn't i just hot glue the zipper onto the fabric instead of sewing it since idk how to do it yet?

i have an idea on how 2 make the fur feet using shoes but not to the point where i can determine wether or not the fabric should stop at my ankles or if i can keep it higher.

I've got a question regarding attaching fur to a jaw that is separate from the head

Ok so i'm making this head which will be a partial and I've started furring/ airbrushing it; but I've hit a snag how do you go about attaching the fur to the jaw if it's completely separate from the main head. Yet still hiding the wearer's neck and making it suitable for a partial? I looked in the memories for something that could help me but couldn't find anything.Collapse )
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Need HELP in Riverside/SoCal Area

Is anyone willing to help me build a Wolf/WereWolf Fursuit around the Riverside/SoCal area? I have all the materials, but I don't have the sewing machine or the skills.

I need to have something done by the 11th for...ahem, a LARPing Vampires vs. Werewolf camp out trip North LA...don't judge me. LOL!

I will pay you for your time if need be. :3

Thank you!!!
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Attaching fleece to a foam head

Hello all.  I have a mascot-sized female skunk  fursuit head that has been made with a hybrid of pink styrofoam and black Ester foam.  I have the face sewn out of anti-pill fleece and it slips over the head fine, except I need it to conform to all the bumps and hollows of the design.  I originally tried hot glue to attach it, but after tearing off the first attempts I see the Ester foam is starting to become degraded.  Also, since the head is so large, reaching under the fleece and pushing a glue gun that deep into the hollows just isn't practical.  What do you folks use to attach it to the base? 

rainbow fur

Anyone know where I can find some good quality rainbow fur? It seems I've looked everywhere, but I cannot find any. The few places that sell rainbow fur, the quality is usually no better than yucky craft fur.

It seems once and while I'll come across things I see that have been made with nice stuff, but it seems people tend to pick this sort of thing up randomly. I was just wondering if there was a more reliable "go to" place for this sort of thing.

Curved tail

How do you make a curved tail that uses a flat pattern? Not sure how to explain, but a tail like this: http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2011/293/b/9/nemesis_the_raverhound_by_furitup-d4dedap.png Except a fox or a wolf tail. I know its not wire... it's the pattern... I tried to do this with my current tail, but it's really flat, and it keeps lying against my body the wrong way.

Sorry that I couldn't explain this better. ^^;

Help with Feathers, info not in memories

Hi! I'm new to this forum thing, but several websites said this was the place to go for my question. So, thanks in advance :)

I am a costumer/prop maker. Several pheasant pelts landed in my lap recently from a hunting ranch, and I've had a request for white angel wings. I want to use these feathers, but no matter what ratio I seem to use of bleach and water, the feathers end up dissolving.

Does anyone have any clue as to how to make these feathers white without destroying them? Or should I just resort to making fur feathers from 3" pile faux fur?

Thank you for your help!

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Question about skin on a fursuit

I'm back with a question!
I posted a couple of months ago about help on a Sloth fursuit project, and now that I'm finally starting it... I need some help and opinions!

1. Would it be better to do realistic or semi-realistic?
I'm afraid that if I do it realistic, it'll be super creepy and horrible, but real sloths are just so cute :>

2. If I were to go semi-realistic, what would be the best fabric to use to imitate skin?

As seen in the photo, sloth faces are skin noses with fur going all around. My original idea was to replicate the look exactly, and get a nose/mouth commissioned, but the more I think about it, I just don't know how terrifying that would look on an actual fursuit head.

Is there something I could use to make it look better? I considered fleece, but it still might make it look too fuzzy.

Also, for the record, I'm using ivory DF fur for the head, and mongolian camel and brown fur for the rest of the body.

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Duct tape Dummy Patterning visual

I made this up for my FA but thought it may be useful here as well :3

Click twice for bigger..

To be clear, the masking tape/duct tape is actually taped *OVER* the existing dummy (with garbage bags under it).

I keep the original dummy as is so I can fit the suit over it and do the final tailorings. Plus I have to adjust the covering when I apply it so it will fit like a piece of clothing and not like inflexible skin.