October 30th, 2011

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Sewing Question

IDK if this really belongs here, but I've been seeing this mentioned more than once...

What's the difference between once sewn and double sewn, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Stain removal

Martha Stewart has no advice about fursuit care, so I must come here. I am doing my first real wash, and I'm wondering if anyone has tips for getting shoe polish out of fur. *note to self: make toes dark colors from now on* I tried "Grandmas secret spot remover" and it kind of just smudged it around. I'm considering using my Kirby shampoo kit, anyone ever used dry foam carpet shampoo on a fursuit? It would just be the feet.

I remember Beastcub did a review on a cleaning product for white hooves but I can't find it :(
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How to apply darts to this?

I've almost got the pattern for my fursuit's body finalized, except for one part! The leg is an almost half-sphere,  and definitely needs darts to be constructed. The problem is, I'm not really sure which one would work:


I've tried 1 and some of the edges still curved up where the red X's are. 2 laid completely flat, but the flow of the fur probably wouldn't look right in the middle where the four edges join. Any ideas?
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Bodysuit halp?

I decided I want to wear my first fursuit, Fidget for Halloween and handing out candy to the kids. I'd LIKE to wear the whole thing but I've gained quite a bit of weight since I last wore it.

Well, I was concerned about it not fitting at all, and it actually does, but I'm having an issue that was there before, just not as prominent. I didn't put it together completely by a pattern, due to the -very- limited yardage of fur I had (as in, I bought all that the store had left) and there simply wasn't enough.

My extra weight is pulling the body suit down, and making it very difficult to bend or raise my arms. I also have a lot of bunching at the shoulders in the front.

Collapse )

The indigo fur came as extra with a partial I purchased several years back, and as I understand, DF no longer sells it. The grey seal was a local find also many years back and I've never seen it since. The white is... some 3-ish inch unknown brand I bought from the same local shop as the grey. It's nicer than it looks. The body suit has been stored for a while, and I didn't bother to brush it for this pictures.

The only one of these exact furs I have left is the white, and there's not much, maybe 2 feet. I do have probably 2.5 yards of an off white "tipped" fur that I used on my fiance's opossum and I'm not opposed to refurring the head and feet again, and replacing the white already on the suit if it would help make the rest of it fit. (The character has a very fluid design.) I am also going to hack off the last foot or so of the arms and replace that with longer fur, so I will have some short-ish strips of the grey, which I could maybe use to make the arms larger?

The opening is actually some snaps (that I will replace with a zipper once I figure out where I packed it) between the grey and white furs on the left shoulder, and I am not attached to it staying exactly where it is.

I don't have to have this finished by tomorrow night, I can always wear her as a partial for the kids, but I'd love any suggestions from folks who are better at figuring things out than me so she can be ready if I decide that I can afford any conventions next year.

Edit: Sorry for broken cut! D:
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Suit Review and Appreciation

Hey there guys, It's been five months since I started my very first fursuit, and three months since it's completion. Since I finished it, I have worn it to many events such as, various times around my neighbourhood, Banf Furmeet, Vancouver Furmeet, Rainfurrest (all weekend), Fursuit Bowling, Fur Skating, Pre-Halloween Fur Walk, and the Halloween Fur Walk (tonight) It has been washed thoroughly three times, and disinfected after every use.

I'm telling all of you this, because my suit is holding up -beautifully- it's as soft as ever and still in perfect condition. I never double stitched or even surged my seams, and it's never ripped or come loose. NONE of this could have been done without your help :3 and I really appreciate all the advice I have been given from the community. 

I believe this suit is going to hold up very well through out the years, and I'm very proud to say it's my first. 

I also wanted to let everyone know, that since making this suit I have started up commissions, and already have three lined up :D soon, I will start my own business. I'm also in the beginning of starting a new personal suit, so expect photo's soon! 

(I'm the Gryphon)