October 31st, 2011

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  • snapcat

Liger with bad ass mohawk

The outside shadow is making the eyes look sleepy, but I assure you, he is wide awake and bad ass :) The eyes are 'follow me' with black sclera. Jaw is static and as always the head is built on a martial arts foam headgear.

Are currently open for commisions for February completion.
Happy ash

Fabric.com fur arrived really crinkled.

My black shag fur is purple tinged, and the beaver black I ordered is highly crinkled and creased. Anything I can do about the beaver black? Considering calling them for a return/replacement on the shag black.

Sorry. checked memories but my computer was freezing up again, could not view half of the answers.

Edit: I am in Australia, so a return would take a few weeks to get a replacement etc. I need to finish this bodysuit for MiDFur in January. At least they got my fabrics right :/

Edit 2: Thanks guys! I tested it out on my DF grey that needed some crinkles out and finished this commission! (It was brushed beforehand, you can see what a simple breeze does to shag though xD)

Sewing the crotch

I have a LOT of trouble with this. I have handsewed every crotch of my bodysuits just because it's too annoying to with the machine. Is there a special trick to sewing the crotch with the machine or something? My handsewed seams keep popping too. >_< Like is there a setting I need to change on my machine?

Desperately need small piece of DF orange shag

Hi guys. I'm in the UK and desperately need a small piece of DF orange shag (20cm x 20cm) to finish a plushie. I need to get it done by the end of the week so don't have time to import some from the US. Is there anyone who has a spare bit they can sell me? Will send invisible cookies and cake full of love to anyone who can help me out ^^
Loved, Nostalgic, Thought Of - Flower

Kayak preview.

A friend modeled what I currently have put together of the coyote. She got a kick out of his "heart" butt and the pink pads on both the feet (not shown) and hands. The paws and feet will soon have claws installed, and the short and long fur on the paws will get trimmed down a bit. I may or may not need to add some extra fur along the neck when I do a final fitting with the owner.

My friend modeling is much smaller than the future owner so it looks a bit wrinkled.