November 1st, 2011

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Duct tape Dummy Question

So I recently had a nice session with some friends and we made a duct tape dummy of me. I figured that I should get one done for my suit that I'm currently planning. My question is this. I will not be able to stuff it for 3 more weeks, so I'm wondering if having it gently folded in half and tucked under my bed in my apartment is a bad idea? Will this warp the dummy in some way? If so how should I store it for the 3 weeks prior to the stuffing. 


Interchangeable markings and shaving.

First shaving, I'm using's Beaver on my first head and I'm wondering if anyone has used this for a head before, if so was it necessary to shave it down? And any pictures would be a great help as I like to see some results of both fs possible, I have heard color can make a difference so I'll mention it's 98% black.
Kind of with that what is a good price for a first time blade? I don't want to spend too much and end up ruining it due to my cluelessness and experimenting. x-x Anything in particular I should look for in one?

Second I couldn't find a particular blue I was looking for so I'm going with a white instead, thing is I don't want to have to remove and replace the white once it's done since I'm starting to like the idea. So I was wondering if there is a way to make the markings interchangeable particularly with the blue able to just be placed over the white? I think saw a similar question before but I can't find it.
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DF "Monkey" Shag

Now that Halloween is over, I have fully decided that I'm just going to be making v2 of my suit (and thank you to everyone that replied to my last post :3). I figure at this point, there's not much I can do to make myself happy with it, and I might as well just start from scratch. (And I will be ordering as much grey as I can afford when I find one I like, never again will I run short!) As I want to keep the long white fur on her chest, I was looking at DF and saw this fur mentioned:

Then I thought I remembered someone posting about it a little while back, and the quality of it, but I can't find the entry. x_x

I have a sample on the way, but sometimes it seems samples aren't entirely accurate. Could someone who has used this, or remembers the post(s) I'm thinking of help me out? :x

Edit, Nov 7: Got in samples today, and holy hell that monkey shag is disappointing. I ordered a swatch of the extra long fur, and I swear it's no longer than that is! It feels lumpy where the fur is attached to the backing, compared to where there's no fur on the backing. Even though the white fur currently on my suit is somewhat sparse and the backing is easy enough to see, it's not like this. :/ (Also, they didn't cut the sample for crap. The grey and purple swatches I ordered are nice swatches, the monkey one is butchered.)
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Changing the color of latex...

I've looked through the memories but I couldn't find much. I know there's several folks out there though that have a great deal of experience with latex. So. My first attempt to make latex paws... failed. Mostly due to having pretty much a 50-50 mix of paint to latex. Second try I added more cornstartch, silica filler, and a bit less paint. The result is fantastic! My only problem: instead of being a deep red they are more of a darker pink. Mind you I am using acrylic paints to perform the color change. Perhaps liquitex latex paint is my solution? Would that work? If not, what would be best for dying latex the proper color?
  • leepyr

Health Question

Well, last night I thought it'd be a bright idea to trick or treat in my fursuit. Well, it drew a lot of attention, and I was even called the big bad wolf.
But, halfway through, I got thyese weird chest pains and so I took itt off and didn't wear it for the rest of the night. I had had diffaiculty breathing in it, bad, but I thought that was normal. When I took off the mask, I felt lightheaded followed by the feeling that a ton of weight/blood was in my head and it was slowly dripping/ oozing down into the rest of my body. I didn't take many breaks to hydrate, and my friend's mom was getting snippy when I did so I had to hurrry along.

I only took drinking breaks after wearing it, whoch was two juice boxes, a pop, and sme water. I felt fine the rest of the night and part of this morning.

I first noticed that I felt extra out of breath. Soon after I felt chest pains. These alternated and flared up at different times throughout today. Exercise and heat made the pain and shortness of breath worse. It is hurting as I type.

So, did I like, overstretch my breathing muscles or make myself sick? I am sure I probably should've hydrated mysef more but... I didn't have anything.

My Halloween Werewolf Mask!

The 2 masks on the left are mine, displayed by myself, lazywolf in the middle. Jmillart on the far left with his own made mask. Both on deviantArt of the same name. ;)

This mask is leaps and bounds from my very first Halloween werewolf mask 3 years ago. I'm very proud of it.

Mask details:

Mask was cast from a clay model and then duplicated with rubber
silicone. Cast from smooth-on resin and the 'snarly' facial features
built up with Apoxie sculpt. Taxidermy wolf jawset installed; the jaw
moves with the wearers mouth, to give the illusion that the werewolf is
talking/roaring, etc.. Fur was hand sewn and glued onto the mask. Glass
eyes with follow-eye effect: eyes will follow yours no matter what angle
the mask is pointing. Gloves consist of fur sewn over garden gloves,
black crayola model magic clay for the paw pads and FIMO oven bake clay
for the claws, glued and hand sewn. Overall this mask took about 14
hours total of work.


Also, I've entered this in a local radio station contest for Halloween, voting ends
Friday. I could win an iPad 2! Please vote a 10 on my piece to help me