November 2nd, 2011


Padding; Undersuit or Attached to Fursuit?

Sorry, I'm very new to LiveJournal, so forgive me if I make any mistakes. So basically I have started making
a Raikou cosplay, but instead of being a quad I decided to make it bipedal. I have previously made a bipedal Wolf Link,
who was my first suit, and initially stuck the padding into a cut-up stocking and glued it to the inside of the fur itself. This worked,
but had quite a few issues along with it. It tore parts of the fur, which were easy to fix, but also slid over my own body, causing a need for

So my question is, would I be better off getting a full body suit/leotard, and gluing/sewing the padding into that? I checked the memories, but I was still not too sure. Again, sorry if this is vague/not correct.
Also, I only mainly fussed on the leg padding, since I have enough padding elsewhere (most likely).

Thanks in advance for whoever comments ^^

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Happy ash

Shaving fur!

Reminder that I live in Australia, so this information might only be useful for Aussie builders/personal suit builders.

I wanted clippers so I could shave fur down as I cannot wait 2wks to get a swatch of fur, then another 2wks to get the actual fur. So I order more than I need the first time round, and shave fur down that I need shortpile for. Usually I would use scissors, but after finding a nasty bruise, and some blisters after 2hrs of trimming I decided maybe this wasn't the best way to go, as I also have fluid collecting in my wrist/thumb joint on my left (main) hand, which today has now caused problems for me.

So I decided to get a shaving kit for fur. I did little research and literally walked into a store and asked for a high quality clipper set that could be used for fake fur. I walked through several aisles of them until I found the perfect set. Aussies really don't need to spend $100+ on good clippers. I found the perfect ones for $24 from Kmart right now. They are Remingtons, in a huge kit of 8 plastic blades in different lengths and styles, a pair of scissors, several combs and a few brushes as well as a bag for safekeeping. Unfortunately the instructions are "How to give a haircut" which I found... not very useful.

So this afternoon, for a commission i'm working on, I needed both shortpile for handpaws, and longpile for wrists/sleeves. So I decided before trimming them down i'd give the fur a test! So I grabbed a scrap piece of fur and shaved it down as a test. I used the 1/4" blade on this one:

On the left is completely untouched, on the right is shaved down.

Really impressed with how it shaves and how quickly I did this. In the time (2hrs) it took me to shave down 2 paws with scissors, it took me 10mins to shave this down with the clippers! For only $24 it was well worth the mini-splurge this week! They are on sale till next wednesday I believe.


An Eye Issue

Today, I took out my clear resin cast eye blanks, only to find them milky around the edges and covered in white coloured lines. Now I know there are a few issues it could be (thanks to the memories) but before I eradicate those issues and try again, I just wanted to ask; Could the lines and milky colouring be due to the cooking oil spray I used as the mould release? Because if it is, I don't want to re-cast it only to find the spray causing the streaking in it again.

Ps. Sorry if I do the image insertion wrong, but if it does work, that is the milky colouring and streaking I am talking about. If anyone knows how to fix it, and if it could be related to the cooking spray as a mould release, that would be fantastic. Thanks in advance!
Pps. I use a non-slip baking tray for the casts (no where else sold actual molds), and EasyCast Clear Resin. I followed the instructions, stirred for two minutes, then put it in another mixing cup and stirred, then let it set for 72 hours. However, I may have let it sit a little longer, so that may be the issue.
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  • innuk

Renovating my suit. one piece at a time. footpaws!

So, i started rebuilding my own suit from scratch.  I thought I would post old/new, and see if there's some constructive crit/kudos, whatever.  Stage one feet, here we go. 

Also, In the new suit, i'm changing from planti to digigrade.  Hopefully i'm on the right track.

Old footpaw (with sandal) Old footpaw

Innuk's new feet!  Nov.2 2011New Footpaws, Nov 2, 2011

ears on headband

My friend has ears on a headband that someone else made, and she loves them, except that they don't really stand up. She gave them to me to see if I can fix this problem. I cut one off the headband to see if there was anything inside the ears, but it's just the ears attached to the headband. I was just wondering, what can I do to make them stand up better? Can I add foam? Something stiff inside? Any help on this would be appreciated!
Georgia Belle icon

Gluing Fleece Part 2

I've been doing experiments for over a week now, trying to glue a sewn fleece face to a styrofoam head without success.  I need the speed of hot glue without using a gun.  The head is 24" across and difficult to work a gun under all that fleece.  I tried hot gluing it with non-sewn pieces and the result looked bad.  I've tried Aleene's fast grab tacky glue and Hold the Foam! glue.  Both dry slowly, 24 hrs, which makes it difficult to stretch and shape the fleece to the underlying foam and get a rythym going.  Any ideas?  How do you professional costumers do it, and what do you use?  Should I be using fur instead of fleece?
  • xarzyth

Airbrush with India Ink

So I have seen beetlecats videos of her airbrushing a tiger suit with India Ink and I figured that using waterproof India Ink would work well for putting stripes on my suit. Has anyone worked with this stuff before? I am wondering if I am going to have to thin it in order to get it to spray through my brush also what PSI to use perhaps.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. 

I have a Badger Patriot 105 airbrush and have a small compressor that I can get to about 20 psi. Is that sufficient enough? 
  • leepyr

Two Completely Unrelated Questions

Well, the first question.

I plan on going with my best friend to a Con, and well, I've got the ears down, as she is doing a tail and a headband ear kind of thing.

Her tail is black with white stripes, but it has a blue flame on the end.
How would I do that? I'd like to make it transparent while still using a material. Would some blue organza/silk-like material work, or what would your approach be?

The Second Question is related to a quadsuit and it's stilts.

(This is a two-part question)

Does moving paws matter? Like, do they hvae to look like they're bending? Also, on top of thyat, I have an additional issue. My stilts are about five inches or so short. What could I use to help make them longer? I still haven't made the paws, though, so maybe I could make them out of something and just include them by making them a few inches thick, and only making the toes...? I'm really confused on how to do that.

The second part is, is there a way to make the stilts interchangable? I have two quads lined up, one after another, and I don't really want to cut up two PVC pipes again, and get the steel rods for the grips, AND make some paws. So, is there a way to construct the legs so that the stilts slide in seperately, like a part of your arm, while still making the legs and paws look realistic? I don't care if it's extra effort. I have until April to create it.

really interested in resin masks, but what kind of clay to use?

i wanna make a costume like this, rabbit in the moon's kind
with resin, and I've used resin before
but what kind of clay do i use?
I've never made a clay base,
can i use the kind you put in a kiln?
or something cheep?
and dose anyone know if these mask go 360 around the head?
or do they only cover the face?
and if anyone could give me more information that would help a lot!

oh and dose any one know how many layers or resin i need to be safe for the mask not cracking if im slush casting?

New to Fursuits- Tails to start ^_^

Well i am new to all this and i have been looking for patterns to try and make a tail. I am looking for a wolf tail and i came across a photo of a tail i absolutely adored and i wanted to make it. I asked the person who made it but they never responded to me. So i was hoping maybe someone here could help me or point me in a better direction.

Tail that i was looking at By JakeJynx

I real love the length which says on their Deviantart that it's 29 inchs. but its more the shape i am trying to get. and i am not worried about the color because i want it in all white and i already have the fur. i just need the pattern. if someone could please help me i will be so greatful.
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