November 3rd, 2011

Carebear Skyote
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Looking for a fur

Does anyone know where to find a black and red fur? I know I've seen ones that have a red base with longer black guard hairs, which would be perfect, but I haven't seen anything like that recently.

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Fixing up a resin head

So I got a resin head to work on, but the resin is extremely thin in some areas (specifically cheeks) and have already cracked. Are there any good ways to add reinforcement to the head without getting more resin to do so? I'm afraid of the other cheek breaking while the wearer is bouncing around or something, and would prefer not to risk somebody getting their eye poked out because of that. I was thinking of putting a thin line of foam on the inside in case it does crack, so it at least won't impale somebody with it, but any suggested ways to keep it from cracking in general or do I pretty much have to completely sand down any weak areas and try to find a better way to support the rest?
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Why I love clear duct tape and some preview images.

I know of a number of folks using silver duct tape, packing tape, and masking tape. I love clear duct tape. I'm able to transfer my marks and notes easily. Here's a head I am working on for Rory Husky of his cartoony yote.

The second series of photos are the nose that will be used with the head. It's sculpted with Sculpy, holes punched through, a screen made from panty nose and stained with a black Copic glued on the back, and 2-way stretch spandex over it.

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(Yet another) Digitigrade quick Q! Solved!

Edit: Proof that sometimes you need to also search the comments here, and not just the main posts - Fallimar posted this over 2.5yrs ago now and it is EXACTLY what I needed to explain things to me and my poor memory. This will really come in handy now, and I start cutting directly from the fur on monday! =D

I have checked all patterning, bodysuit, and digitigrade legs tags here and could not find something to help...

OKAY SO all my fur for Poppy is here (All 6yrds of it for her bodysuit and extra). Now as a night hobby after work, I plan on working a tad more on her; or just putting a whole day aside next week to make her; to distract me once Sam goes home. BUT i've run into a problem. I DON'T want to use a DTD (My partner is the closest person to me and really the only one I am okay with helping me, and he is going home this weekend), and obviously a DTD for digitigrade legs are out of the question due to this.

Either way I plan on filling them with Polyfil as I can get 1KG from work for $4 (epic discount FTW!), could I possibly just use Matrice's method and create invisible zipper pouches to put the polyfil in? They won't be as big, just a slight digitigrade look for my Poppy.

I never planned on making her digitigrade, but i've been researching Red Panda/Raccoon anatomy, and it seems they are slightly digitigrade (looking) when standing on 2 legs (art is not mine, but as i've found - the best ref so far for legs)

Not only that, but how to I make a bodysuit with the digitigrade legs? All my fur is short pile fur, I don't want too many seams, but am happy to do the shirt/pants attachment SO LONG AS I can still use a sewing machine to sew it, as my left wrist is on probation from work by order of doctor, and I am left handed D:

Better yet, here is a badly modded version of Poppy's fursuit reference on the side to show what I want to do:

Help please? >:

Raikou WIP, need a bit of help

So far I've foamed half the head of my Raikou fursuit. However, after studying more images of him, I've discovered he doesn't have an entirely flat face as I first perceived. Sorry if this isn't a journal made for fursuit, but I was just looking for some feedback on whether or not I should just ditch him and start again. Could the flat face be pulled off? The "cloud" on his head is at a much greater slant than I created, so now I'm thinking it may be too inaccurate to use.
So I just want to get a few opinions on it, and just see what you guys think of it. Thanks in advance.
Ps. I know there are a few other inaccuracies (lack of equal sides etc) I was going to fix them later, but am now reconsidering the whole thing.

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