November 5th, 2011

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Ventilation in a head

I have a quick question about getting a sufficient amount of oxygen while fursuiting!

I'm currently starting the foamwork of my Hoffman's Two-Toed Sloth head, and it occurred to me that there's no way to breathe in this thing!
Since sloths have no ears, and the mouth will be closed, I'm not sure what a good way to conceal air vents or even a fan would be.
At first I thought "maybe I'll get enough air through the eye-holes" but I doubt that would be enough, especially since the bodysuit will be made with Mongolian fur.

Another question-- since I'll be using fleece or suede for the muzzle, I found this post in Memories about getting the face to look seamless:
Suede isn't stretchy, so I wouldn't be able to pull the fabric to stretch over the foam, so would I have to make darts in it? I'm afraid of having the seams be too visible.
Also, if I end up using fleece, after I stretch it over to its limit, do I only glue on the outer edges of the fleece? How would I get it to glue without losing the shape, since the pins are holding it down? I wasn't sure if there's a technique to it, or if it's just working quickly to the best of your abilities.

I'll be back with more questions later, you can count on it! xD

Foam in montreal?

Sorry, it's me again. >.<

But anyways: Does anyone know where I can get decent high-density, open-cell foam (Like the stuff at Joannes) in Montreal, QC? I've checked Walmart and Fabricland (Or Fabricville, as they for some reason call it in Quebec) and I had no luck.

Does anyone know where I can get some? Or will I have to go to the US/Order online?

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HELP making squished face Persian foam head please!

HI guys! This is Sweetnightmare on Fa, and I have never asked for help here before.

There has been some controversy because I am not a pro maker and my suits are...well sometimes they need help! XD And I really want to improve, so I know this is a good place to get tips so I can do that ^^

But I really want to make a suit of my flat faced Persian, Einstein. I really need your guys help ^^ please!

Heres the problem:

One of my last projects for myself is gonna be making an Einstein suit. I wanted to work on it between finishing out commissions for others.

However Im having serious probs with the foam base.

He is FLAT FACED, and his nose is directly between his eyes. And his jaw is so close to his nose, I will have to build the jaw in front of my nose if I cant find an alt. way of doing this. I was thinking of using the Matricies foam head base pattern, but I'm so lost at this point.

This will be a toony version, btw.

I wanted a moving jaw, but idk how to do it with his face so high. REDLINES FOR FOAM BASE APPRECIATED!!!

How do I do this?

Pic below is not Ein, but close enough lol,1285048308,1/stock-photo-show-champion-odd-eyed-white-persian-61397173.jpg

Another pic. Look at that face. WTF? lol Idk how to do the jaw! lol

I hope you guys can see what I mean. Although its gonna be toony I REALLY want the muzzle (not the he has one) to look as close to real as possible.

So questions:

Is it possible to make a moving jaw with a flat faced cat?


How do I go about shaping his muzzle and such?

Thank you very much!

PS I was going to be using Monkey Shag for the suit. Havent ordered it yet, but do you think that will work?

Any input/redlines appreciated. Thank you so much!
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Generic Dog Sculpt

Question about Resin Eye

I have a little issue about Resin eyes.
My Resin eyes looks always a little bit disorted as you cansee here (especially on the pupils)

I just wonder why they don't get perfekt like this ones from Monoyasha  for example. They always look perfect.

I tried diffrent amounts of hardner, diffrent types of resin but I have no Idea what I should do about it^^