November 7th, 2011


Lindy and Hop (blue-eyed lemurs)

Just in time for a big outing in Disneyland Paris karpour and I 'finished' our Sclater's lemur couple, Hop and Lindy. 'Finished', because they're not quite done yet, they're wearable but we want to make changes on the bodysuits, mostly sewing in elastics, making an extra set of indoor feet, and making something for inside the tail so it bounces up (for the event we temporarily shortened the tails and stuffed them with polyfill so they wouldn't drag on the ground).

We'll probably make another post when the bodies are all done, and once I updated the blog that has the whole building process on it.
Right now it's stuck halfway, I'll update it with the other photos we took as soon as I get the chance.
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blackcat front

Question About Tailoring

Ok, so I have the zipper sewn in on my bodysuit and it doesn't look as off as I had originally thought when I first tried it on and had to hold it closed in the back. However, I now realize what is wrong with my pattern and is causing the issue with the dropped crotch + padding. Now I have a question about how to correct it.

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Fur Quality Questions

Has anyone worked with Punky Muppet fur from Mendels and also worked with shag fur from Syfabrics? I was wondering what you thought of the quality of the fur.

I recently got in some swatches of both and to me Mendels fabric seems less quality than Syfabrics. I also noticed that the turquoise color is the same fabric from both dealers, but SyFabrics is cheaper. The white punky muppet from Mendels seems to be a shinier color but the pile doesn't seem to be as fluffy as the SyFabrics shag fur.

Any opinions or recommendations?
I figured that you all would know this better than any of my local friends. 
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First Fursuit Head Progress

I got my first fursuit head done enough that I was able to wear it around for Halloween, but I have been busy so I'm just now sharing my progress. All and all I'm pretty happy with it, but it's still not 100% done yet; it still needs lips, some of the markings (to be sprayed on), teeth, a tongue, and I'm redoing the nose. Tell me what you guys think so far, and feel to give me a little constructive criticism. :) Also, what do you to keep painted buckram eyes color from bleeding? I'm having problems with the eyes right now. :P

Eye Success! Also, a question

Well, I took all of the advice you guys gave me, and managed success! It looks much better now, they're clear and lovely. Still a bit soft, but nonetheless fantastic. However, they got stuck in the tray and had to be hammered out >.> But again, thank you so much everyone for your help :)

Done with painting;
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Happy ash

Update on semi-plantigrade legs!

I just wanted to update you guys on the process! I decided due to my bad knees (due to constant minor surgery/fluid removal every 6-8wks I wanted to still be able to comfortably suit no matter what) i'd loosen the knee area so I can wear my knee braces without them showing as they are a tad bulky.

I've only done front padding, no back leg padding as my feetpaws are huge and will compensate for the shape!Sorry if

 i'm posting so much, this is my first padded suit and i'm actually really excited about it seeing as you guys are all so helpful <3

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Foam head thickness

After weeks of debate with my self I have finally decided to do my Umbreon head with the all foam method. The only question I have is the thickness of foam I should use, I have some left from Micheal's which is 1in thick but I' mot sure the length I have is long enough at the moment so either way I'm going to have to buy more(but at least at Joann's I have a 40%off coupon x3)  I'm sure half will be lighter but will it breath a little better as well? Since I have glasses which I can't see farther an 2 ft ahead of me without I know I have to leave space for them and I think the 1in will make the head look a little too big being it already has to fit my 23in head. I plan on, when I have to, using a method of putting it in a pillowcase in the washer(Jill Costume made a video of it) will the half inch not be able to take it? Cause surely it would dry quicker.

Oh! And is there a specific way I should fur the jaw if it is to be moving?