November 8th, 2011

beetle proud


My latest! This is my 2nd flat plastic eye head (the first was a revamp of my personal character) I have done realistic eyes for 5-odd years now but never bothered getting into toony. Until now :p

This is a new technique that I am trying so let me know what you think! This suit is a non-commissioned one (worn by my husband) so you do not have to worry about upsetting anyone ;D

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The suit was made as a 'test' to make sure that I could be consistent with this new eye style over the course of two heads and two species. He is a non-denominational wolf-creature with 2 cute little devil horns (cast from real calf horns) that I made up as I went along. He has a bit of a scuffle scar on his nose ^^

The tail is actually something I made years ago for a blue heeler suit that I had plans to make for myself then finally did get the opportunity to make a couple years after but had changed the design enough not to use the tail XD Another year or so later and it's finally being utilized!

The foot style is new (a little slimmer and sleeker than the old and with realistically raised pawpads visible from the front even with parade soles) and one that I will likely be continuing in the future (I will put photos of the hands and feet in my FA). The toony eyes are not currently being offered to customers but if there is demand then that can change.

Keep your eye out at Further Confusion 2012 in January for this guy!


Hello all! A while back I make a post asking about form fitting suits for the Worgen costume I was doing, and whether or not stretch velvet was the way to go. Well, I'm nearly finished with the costume, and I thought I would share my progress here, especially since the information here was so helpful!

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Foam work critique please

I'd love some critique on this foam work I've done so far. It's to be a cougar. All comments and crits are welcome! Thanks. I love getting other sets of eyes to look it over. The nose is not currently attached. Under the cut are the pics...

UPDATE: Edited with pics after working on the muzzle issues and with temporarily taped in eyes.

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Casting or Vacumforming Heads?

Which do you think is faster/ easier than the other? After taking a break from the two quad suits that need to be built, a close friend of mine and I plan to make our fursona's for fun. We want a more realistic looking suit than toony. I figured I ask here what you all prefer. What are the pros and cons of both?

Needing advice for my first body suit?

Okay I JUST got out of my DTD and patched all the places where I cut it.

My fur will be at my house tomorrow... HOW WILL I MAKE IT TO WEAR I CAN MAKE PATTERNS AND SHIT.

and where do I put my seams?

and to get the patterns, do I make another DTD OVER the regular DTD... or just cut and sew..

Since Flynx's body suit only has white on her belly. Then the rest is grey so that's all really.

Can I just measure, add an inch or two or more then cute and sew? Xx;

and how can I tailor it? You know.. make my boobs visible in it XD don't
want people thinking I'm a MALE at AC.. >3>

does anyone know where i can find creme or beige faux fur?

i looked everywhere and i could not find any that came as close as the fur in the picture

or could i use plain white faux fur fabic and dye it mixing rit dye?

i dyed a tail a while ago from white to blonde using daurice faux fur and it worked and turned out good.