November 9th, 2011


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Has anyone ever used Dental Acrylic? I've seen it recommended for doing teeth on animatronics.

Is it easy to use? hard? safe? dangerous? cheap? expensive? I really don't know but it sounds like it could be interesting

Expanding spray foam?

I feel like this has been asked before, and that's what gave me the idea for it... but I can't recall what the opinions/advice on it were.

How sensible is it to use expanding spray foam to stuff duct tape dummies? I've been using a combination of towels and rags, foam pieces, plastic bags, and fur scraps but darnit, it takes a LOT of material to stuff a DTD, and in between projects, these materials just sit around taking up space.

If not expanding spray foam, are there any other materials out there that people could suggest that might work?

Additionally, what sorts of zippers do you use on your suits? I prefer invisible zippers, but they tend to get stuck in the fur. I'm thinking of using just a standard polyester zipper, but sewing it on with the invisible zipper technique. Thoughts?