November 10th, 2011

WIP Lion/Big Cat sculpt

Been working on my first sculpt for my resin masks, starting with a lion/big cat, going more for realism this time. I have compared it to other sculpts/resin casts and some real life photos of lions/tigers, can i get a red line/critique of this? I want it to be the best it can be so i can sell the casts and make pre mades to sell, as well as some Warcraft cosplays :)

Photos here:

others angles here:

what do you all think? I also wanted to know is it necessary for a first time caster like me to add a thin slab into the eye socket for casting, i have a dremel so i can cut it out later. I also think ill keep the nose on it, can it be painted with silicone to get a rubbery feel or would it be better to cut it off the resin cast and then add on a full silicone nose? And should i carve out the tear ducts more or is it okay the way i have it? (I used Beetlecat's tutorial on sculpting mask bases on youtube, and i don't recall her filling in the eye socket at all).
BTW I still have yet to make the indents where the hinges will go, i just wanted to make sure my shaping was good before i did that. The eyes are just sitting in there for looks, but they are about the size of the resin eyes i will cast.

fursuit head help

Hey guys, I have all the materials to start my first ever fursuit head but I have no clue how to even start :? does anyone have any helpful tutorials or advice on building a head? I plan on building it on a baclava base if that's helpful :3

thanks in advance for the help! :d

Introducing Dandy...who needs some help!

This is my first attempt at anything at all, and I'm actually very happy with how it came out! As it was my first go, I wasn't comfortable spending a ton of money on materials and settled with craft fur (don't worry. my next project will NOT involve any of that xD). But be gentle as this is my first project please!
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She's what I'd call "done", but not "finished" as there are other things that I want to do, but I need some help with that from you talented folks. I'd like to give a little bit more detailing to her mouth with black lips and maybe a few small teeth on the bottom jaw (nothing fiercesome), and maybe try to airbrush some other colors into her fur if I could make that work.

Also, I'm not completely sure what sort of clothes you wear with partials (which eventually is what this will be a part of if I can bring myself to work on handpaws and a tail xD). If you guys could throw out some ideas there that would be great too--do I need larger clothes than usual? Should I wear a bandana around the head's neck?

This entire time I've been like a dog driving. "I have no idea what I'm doing."


Edit: maybe I should tell you guys what she is :V a lion, of course! Dandy Lion. hardeeharr
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AGR Clippers, amazing for close shaves

I know many of you probably already invested in your own clippers, and I know many of you arent interested in pricier clippers.
But I have a pair of AGR clippers and an Oster turbo A5. My dad owns and runs a grooming equipment business for mainly dogs, so Ive gotten the chance to use plenty of different clippers. The Oster Turbo is great for over-all shaving with large amounts of fur, and the AGR clippers are the perfect clippers for after the main bunch of fur is gone. Doesnt leave any lines, and SO SO smooth. oh god so smooth.

I highly recommend both of these for different reasons, Oster for bulk shaving, and AGR for detailing and finalizing.

Im curious as to what shavers other people are using as well, so if you dont mind sharing Id love to hear :)
Pros and cons of your clippers?

My first suit!

Well, I decided to post some photos of my first fursuit. I made Wolf Link, and there are quite a few errors, I know ^^;
So I was wondering if I could have some feedback on how it is, and any suggestions you may have for any future suits I make :)

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Me again! XD
I happened to see 2 of them in TJMaxx and I was wondering if it was decent to get to at least get an idea of how to shave fur. It's 15 or 17 bucks but if anyone knows of a sure thing in that price range I'd rather get it instead. I don't need them right now I just thought that if they will work and I found them, why not? (I haven't found others in stores, don't want to order online)  They also have MANY mens shavers that are much cheaper which I would buy anyway for practice, if they would work of course. Doubt it but don't think it would hurt to ask.
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