November 11th, 2011


ordering from clearance at NFT

Hey All,
I'm curious about something says they sell they're clearance fabric by the square foot, I'm not sure if I was two order two square feet, that that would mean two feet by two feet or once foot by two feet?  If this was the case, each square foot would be cheaper the more your ordered, right? If that was the case maybe someone could host a group order or something?   Anyone ever ordered from their clearance know?
will rainbow

A post two years in the making!

Some of you probably recognize me by now as the girl who has been working on her first head for...well, forever.
But I come bearing the news: my partial is finally finished! This probably isn't as exciting for you all as it is for me, but heh, I think I deserve to show off.

Includes a section where I laugh at myself and show how it's really possible to improve by a longshot!

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adding height?

So, I'm pretty short, and want to add a few inches to a 'suit project.
So far I've been experimenting with just stacking some EVA foam to use as the soles of the feet, (the kind people use for fursuit sandals) but when I put my weight on it, it sinks down/compresses quite a bit. I'm not sure how safe that would be to walk on either, last thing I want is a twisted ankle.
Any thoughts?

MFF Premade stuff

Not sure if this goes here or not, but most of what I make I can't create at the con in the Artist Alley, so I'm working on having at least
a few to sell premade with limited customizations done on the spot as well as to have physical pieces to show for those wanting a different color or species on commission.

My questions are: Besides the feline and generic canine ears that are typically found at con booths (which I probably won't be making beforehand) and rabbit ears of various styles since I have those, what other species should I have at least one pair on hand? What colors?

Samples of ears that I'll have: lopped ear rabbit standard rabbit ears (have been finished since this picture) side style ears (I have additional shapes of these as well)

Thanks for the advice!